A&M Consolidated proves that you never leave a game early

One of the biggest no-no’s as a sports fan is leaving early, unless you’re an Astros fan in which case you simply don’t go.

Friday night in the city of Copperas Cove, Texas, that was proven once again.

Down by three with a second left, things looked bleak for the A&M Consolidated Tigers didn’t seem to have much hope of pulling out an opening night win. They had just given up the go-ahead field goal and were lining up to receive the kickoff, which seemed to be all but a formality to end the game.

But someone on the Consolidated sideline must have dialed up the 1982 Cal Bears. As any other team facing the same situation, the Tigers lateraled the ball several times and a couple of times it appeared as if there was no escape. But all of the sudden one of the returners found himself with the ball and a crease and ran down the sidelines for the winning touchdown.

As you can imagine, this sent the A&M Consolidated sideline into a frenzy while all Copperas Cove could do was look on and wonder what the heck just happened.

This has to go up as one of the best finishes to a Texas high school football game right along side John Tyler’s last second win over Plano East at Texas Stadium in 2007.

And once again it goes to show you that you never leave a game early, especially one that’s that close.