An argument for A.J. McCarron to win the Heisman Trophy

A.J. McCarron should win the Heisman this season.

There. I said it. Now come after me.

But before that, let me explain my reasoning and maybe you’ll come around to see that I am, in fact, right.

First off, McCarron is in search of his third BCS national championship. If he were to complete his quest, and it certainly looks like he’ll have a great shot to do so, McCarron would become the first quarterback in the entire history of college football to win three national championships, and three straight titles as well. That should be worth a lot, considering one of the front runners, Johnny Manziel, hasn’t, and will never, come close to a national championship.

Of course, there’s a big thing that sets McCarron apart from the rest of measly contenders looking up at him–the talent at Alabama. There’s no secret that Alabama has the best talent pound-for-pound in college football and maybe in the history of college football. Defense? Strong. Running backs? Always seem to reload. Receivers? The same. Alabama is like the Spain of college football.

But there’s nothing wrong with being called a “game manager”, which is the title McCarron seems to have garnered because of all the talent on the Crimson Tide roster. In fact, that’s all he needs to do in order for the Tide to keep on winning. In his almost four full seasons as quarterback, McCarron has thrown for nearly 8,000 yards, 68 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. This season, he has only three picks compared to the three that Manziel seems to throw every week.

Now, I understand that McCarron isn’t the flashiest guy in college football right now. Compared to Jamies Winston, Marcus Mariota and Manziel, McCarron’s 2,041 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, three interceptions and 83.3 QBR seem meager. But McCarron has something that they all don’t: three championship rings. And he wins… a lot. Since becoming the starter in 2011, McCarron has led the Crimson Tide to 34 victories, which is a pretty impressive number in this day and age of college football. That really should speak for itself.

I’m sure, unfortunately, that McCarron will be overlooked by the Heisman voters once again this season as he leads Alabama to most likely another BCS title berth and maybe their third-straight championship, but McCarron is the most deserving of the candidates. He’s done more than anyone near the top of the Heisman watch list.

And if I’m an NFL team, I want McCarron–a winner–over Manziel any day.