LA KISS field certainly makes a statement

If you haven’t heard by now, the Los Angeles area has a profession football team now… that is, of the arena football variety.

The Arena Football League has completed four weeks of its 27th season of operation, but this past Saturday was the first game the LA KISS had at the Honda Center in Anaheim. And among other things which I won’t get to here, they certainly made a statement with their field.

Now of course everyone knows about Boise State’s blue turf and some in the Pacific Northwest know about Eastern Washington’s red turf and even Texas-San Antonio at one point proposed playing on an orange surface in the Alamodome, but generally everyone stays within the typical green turf/grass, especially in arena/indoor football.

But the KISS broke away from that typical mold and went with something different–a silver field.

That’s right. They played their home opener on a gray/silver field in front of 12,000 fans and will continue to play on it as long as they’re in the league.

Honestly, I think it looks kind of cool. With the elimination of the ironman and the “free-for-all” playoff formula back when NFL owners basically took over the league, the AFL needs to find something that will make it more distinct from the outdoor game, and no, the smaller field doesn’t count.

This may be it. Of course, I don’t think every team in the league should immediately switch the color of the field. That would be a bit too much; however, it’s the creativity of the idea that needs to spread across this league. If every team even goes as far as making their end zones interesting and their home jerseys aesthetically pleasing (i.e. not black), it would be a big step in the right direction in getting this league back to where it once was.

Also, the quirkiness of the field got some major air time on ESPN. The highlights of the game against Portland got roughly a five-minute spot on SportsCenter. That doesn’t happen very often. Of course, the biggest reason for that was because a) it’s KISS and b) it’s professional football in Los Angeles, but it did its share of comments.

The LA KISS have come into the AFL with quite a bang and while the team on the field isn’t a well-oiled machine quite yet, the promotions, off-the-field stuff and game day environment were quite possibly the best this league has seen in a while. The field, which is only a mere part in all of this, won’t determine whether this team makes the playoffs or not, but it will have part of a say in how the team does popularity-wise.

Highlights from the LA KISS home opener: