Now is the time for Redskins to switch to McCoy

The definition of insanity is doing things over and over and expecting a different result each time.

Using that definition, it’s not hard to call the Washington Redskins insane.

Despite injuries, the lack of results and now calls from their own fans, the Redskins, and more likely owner Dan Synder, continue to roll out Robert Griffin III in game-after-game hoping he brings back the magic and success he had in his rookie season. But time-after-time, the same thing happens: he fails and the team loses.

So it wasn’t too much of a surprise when the team was booed off the field at halftime of their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and fans chanted “we want Colt,” in reference to back up quarterback Colt McCoy as well.

And you know what? They’re right.

It’s high time that the Redskins move Griffin to the bench and give McCoy a chance to lead this team for more than a game or two.

Let’s face it, Griffin hasn’t been the same since he was injured in the Wild Card¬†Round of the 2012 playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks. He’s no longer the explosive playmaker that gave defensive coordinators headaches. He isn’t a dual threat and there’s always a worry when he starts running and gets outside the pocket. That, and his production is down. In four games this season, Griffin has thrown for only 763 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. In this comes after throwing 12 picks in 2013.

And things have gotten stagnant for the Redskins as well. They’re now 3-7 this season with losses to Tampa Bay and Minnesota. This all comes after posting a disastrous 3-13 last season, handing the St. Louis Rams the second-overall pick in this year’s draft thanks to the trade the Redskins made with the Rams to be able to pick Griffin in the 2012 draft–a trade that may have cost the Redskins successful seasons, or at least the chance of successful seasons in the near future.

And what do the Redskins have to lose by plugging in McCoy as the starter? For starters, they wouldn’t have to worry about Griffin getting injured during a game, which seems to be a constant worry with this team. And second, it at least would give McCoy a chance to play and prove himself and the Redskins a chance to possibly use him as trade bait in the offseason to get picks to build their future.

Of course, the sample size with McCoy is small. He only played in two games and has only one start with the team. But in each of those games, he led the Redskins to wins–that’s two-thirds of their win totals. He’s thrown for 427 yards in those two games with a passing and rushing touchdown and posted an NFL-record 91.7 completion percentage on Monday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys.

The season for the Redskins is shot. At this point, they might as well be playing for next season and that would consist of seeing what they have with McCoy and keeping Griffin healthy. That and why not make a change and see if something different might actually work instead of going with the insanity route.

So, Washington, why not make the change?