Despite needing comeback, Seahawks will be stiff challenge for Patriots

I’ll admit it. I was one of those who turned off the NFC Championship Game Sunday at the Green Bay Packers went up 16-0 over the Seattle Seahawks.

I had no rooting interest in the game and decided to see if something else was on.

Then later I went to Twitter right after the Seahawks had taken the lead and turned it back on in time to see the Packers kick the field goal to send the game to overtime and then saw Seattle walk it off with a touchdown pass on the first drive.

What a game indeed.

After needing a dramatic comeback with a fair share of help from their opponents and the New England Patriots completely destroying the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game, it would be easy to think that Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona will be a blowout. But we’ve learned anything from these Seahawks before, it’s to never quite count them out.

First off, the comeback over Green Bay was really impressive from a mental standpoint. Yes, I know the Packers made many mistakes to let the Seahawks back into the game, but to be down 16-0 and seemingly nothing going you’re way is a difficult place to be mentally. We already saw earlier this year when the Dallas Cowboys went to Seattle and smacked the Seahawks and came out with a win.

This time, Seattle punched back–albeit after over three quarters–and stayed with it, forcing Green Bay to play perfect football in those crucial moments and to be able to capitalize on those errors when they occurred to come out with a win. While it might seem like it’s easy to stay in the game while getting beat like that, it more than likely isn’t, especially after playing that bad on offense.

Also, the Seahawks have more than enough weapons on both sides of the ball to get the job done. On offense, quarterback Russell Wilson might have the technical abilities, but he has the smarts as he showed on changing the play to score the game-winning touchdown. Running back Marshawn Lynch is likely from another world. And their receivers, though not that well known, can get the job done.

On the defensive end, Seattle has the defense that can stop the Patriots with a solid secondary, even with cornerback Richard Sherman and safety Earl Thomas injured, and defensive line will likely be able to get much-needed pressure on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Of course, this is the Patriots that we’re talking about and they have a very good team on their hands in Foxboro. Head coach Bill Belichick will likely have something up his sleeve for the big game and you can also never count out Brady and his group of guys.

But to simply say that because Seattle was almost shown up this past weekend against Green Bay and that means New England will have an easy win to their fourth Super Bowl title this millennium is foolish. And you’d likely get shown up by Seattle.