With crowded Central Division, Stars can’t afford to let up

The NHL’s Central Division is brutal.

Of the seven teams in the division, all but one team is packed tight within the standings. First through sixth are separated by just ten points and last-place Colorado sits on more points than five other teams in the league. And in a sport where there aren’t many breaks, there’s next to zero breathing room for any of the seven teams in the division.

But on top of all of that is pressure — pressure to finish in the top three spots of the division to guarantee a spot in the postseason and pressure to finish ahead of the other teams in the Pacific Division to maybe sneak in one of the two wild card sports.

MLS postseason guarantees excitement

Tt’s easy to see why MLS gets such a bad rap from the “proper” footballing community for it’s postseason format. But as much as those folks want to ridicule the league’s playoffs, it certainly provides quite the entertainment for supporters and neutrals alike no matter what teams are involved. And that is what makes it worth everything that comes with a playoff.

Minor league hockey quite the interesting spectacle

Saturday night I made the trek through the rain up to the Cedar Park Center to watch the Stars — the Texas Stars. The game turned out the wrong way unfortunately. The Stars recovered from a 3-0 deficit only to give up the lead shortly after tying the game. But I think I’ve discovered quite the hidden gem in the world of sports: minor league hockey.