Why you should create a webpage for your WordPress plugin

A dedicated webpage for your WordPress plugin gives you more credibility in the flooded plugin market and give your users a place to get help. So why haven’t you created a page for your plugin?

Why you should create a webpage for your WordPress theme

If you have a WordPress theme, whether or not it’s in the theme directory, you need to have a dedicated webpage for that theme.

What is SCSS and how to use it

In the final tutorial on npm, Gulp and SCSS, we finally get to the fun part. SCSS is an amazing tool that makes writing CSS much better and quicker. And you won’t want to go back to normal CSS again.

What is Gulp and how to use it

So as we continue to learn how to compile SCSS/SASS into CSS, we now stumble upon Gulp. And this is how we ultimately compile our CSS together for the browser to read.

What is npm and how to use it

CSS is tedious and boring to write. But SCSS makes styling life so, so much easier; however, you need to compiling it. So, in our effort to learn SCSS, we first must learn about npm.

You’re not a programmer, you’re a problem solver

One of the best things I learned when taking CS classes at the University of Texas was that we are not coders or programmers; we are problem solvers. And that’s a great way to look at it.

Why you should be writing documentation, even if it’s a solo project

Documentation can be a pain point for any project or program, especially if it’s a project you’re doing by yourself. But the benefits of writing out the documentation vastly outweigh the costs.