Get a Professional Website at an Affordable Price!

Website can costs thousands of dollars. But let’s work together to get your business online with a website and a digital foundation that fits your budget.

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Let’s Create a Website that Fits Your Budget

If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably seen the cost of a new website. And it probably was a lot more expensive than you originally thought. But with the power of a WordPress website using an already-made theme styled to match your business, we can work together to build a professional looking website to start your digital marketing efforts for a price that fits your budget.

Breakdown of the cost of a completely custom website, which starts at $2,900
A breakdown of the cost of an affordable website, which starts at $999
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Professionally-built WordPress Website

Your website will be built with a WordPress back end. It’s easy to use and manage and create all of the content you need. Plus, I’ll give you a list of great, quality themes to choose from that will best fit your business. It’ll give you the best possible foundation for your new website.

Start Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Did you know that 46 percent of Google searches are local searches, according to WebFX? By getting online, you can reach those people in your area looking for businesses that do you what you do. This website will give you that start into digital marketing so you can find new customers online.

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Education and Guidance on What to do Next

Getting the keys to a new website can be a bit intimidating, especially if this is your first website. But once we take your new website live, we’ll take time to work with you one-on-one with training on how to use every part of your website. Plus, you’ll get resources for how to continue and grow your website through content, social media and email marketing.

What's Included


Search engine optimization is crucial for getting people to find your website and your business. So your website will be optimized on the code side for SEO to give you a great foundation to work with.


Website security is imperative in today’s world. You want to keep your website running and your data safe. So your website will come with Wordfence installed and protecting your site.


Everyone should be able to use your website no matter what technology they use. It’s the right thing to do and it can help your business. So your website will be tested for accessibility before it’s launched.

Google Analytics and Search Console set up

Google Analytics and Search Console help you learn how people find your website and use it. So you’ll get both of those tools set up for you so you can continue to improve your website and increase conversions.

Keyword research start

When it comes to SEO, keyword research is extremely important, especially if you’re starting on a content marketing campaign. So you’ll get some training to help you get started with your research.

Website structure

An often overlooked part of a website is the structure of your pages and how you link those together. During the early stages of the project, we’ll work through all of that so that it’s perfect for your website.


Everyone is concerned about privacy these days, and with good reasons too. From GDPR to California’s new privacy laws, your website will have the necessary protection for your users’ data.


Forms are an important part of any website, from a simple contact form to lead generation forms. You’ll get Gravity Forms set up on your website with a basic contact form for people to reach you.

Built Quickly

Custom websites can take a long time to build. But this process can cut that timeframe in half. In the best case scenario, you can have your new, professional-looking website ready to go in a two weeks if you sign up today.

Will Fit Your Budget

Custom websites can cost a couple thousand dollars at a minimum. This product can cut that price in at least half, if not more. That means it’s perfect for basically any budget. You new website is cheaper than you think it has to be.

Working Relationship

This project won’t just be me giving you a website and then moving on. During the discovery process, I’m going to learn everything I can about your business to select the perfect theme for you. And then afterwards, I’ll continue to work with you and help you manage your website.

Start Your Local SEO

Local SEO for small business is extremely important. More people are using “near me” searches to find businesses that can help them. So I’ll make sure your code is optimized for Local SEO and help you get started with Google My Business to start your Local SEO efforts.

Let’s Create a Website that Fits Your Budget


Everyone is selling online these days. And if you’re looking for a new website for your business, you’re probably wanting to have an online store. I’ll install and set up WooCommerce for physical products or Easy Digital Downloads for digi-tal products. And I’ll add in all of your products as well. You just have to worry about the selling.

Price: Starts at $99 for a simple set up and importing fewer than 40 products. It’s an additional $10 for every 20 products above 40.

Website Care

Your website will need a lot of attention once it’s launched. There will be updates that need to be run, things that will break and need to be fixed and changes to code you’re going to want to make. If you don’t want to deal with all of that, any one of the WordPress Website Care plans can take that weight off your shoulders. Plus you can get other benefits as well.

Price: Plans start at $75 per month

Additional Landing Pages

The main package comes with one landing page built within the theme’s styling. But sometimes you might want more landing pages depending on what campaigns you have going on. This add on allows you to have more landing pages created for you to target different audiences.


  • $45 per page that uses your theme’s styling
  • $99 per page that uses custom styling

Custom Blog Templates

All of the themes will come with blog templates and single post templates. But you might want to make changes to those templates. This add on makes it easy for you to make those changes. I can make those templates display whatever information you want.

Price: $65 per hour it will take to make these template changes

Website Content

Getting the content together typically falls on the client to either do it themselves or hire . But if you want, I can do that for you as well. I can put together any copy you need and if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I can take photos and/or put together a small video for you. This will add to the length of the project though since creating content does take time.

Price: $65 per hour it will take to create the content

Advanced Forms Integration

In addition to the form set up that’s included in the main pack-age, you can also choose to add some advanced forms and integrations as well. You can create a form that signs people up for an email newsletter. Or you could create a form for lead generation. With this add on, the form possibilities are endless.

Price: $30 per form


Communities are a great way to keep . And a great way to manage a community is a forum on your website. I’ll get bbPress installed, set up and looking great on your website so that your customers have a place to talk to people with similar problems and interests.

Price: $65

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I am extremely fortunate to have gotten to meet and work with Jacob. He takes my web designs and brings them to life on the internet. He is very professional, knows his stuff, and delivers an outstanding product that is on-time and within budget. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. Small sites or large sites Jacob can do them all.

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Create Your Website Wishlist

Are you ready to get online now and start your digital marketing efforts today in a way that fits your budget? Great! Your next step is to fill out the form to start the process. You’ll get an information packet to learn more about how this will all work. And then you can sign up for a free consultation where we can discuss this one-on-one.

So get your business online today! I can’t wait to help you get the website you want that fits your budget!

Please note that you are not completely committing to any of the add ons below that you select, just showing what else you might be interested.

Get More Than a Website

Opportunities to Learn

There is a lot to learn about with websites and digital marketing. In addition to a great-looking new website, you’re also going to get a lot of opportunities to learn not only how to use your website, but also how to manage and grow your website through SEO, digital advertising and more. Because that’s how you truly grow your business.

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Join a Great Community

One of the best parts about WordPress is the great community around it. WIth it powering roughly a third of the web, there are a lot of people who use it and like to talk about it on the web. When you create your website, you’ll be a part of a community that helps each other and shares ideas with one another. You won’t be on this journey alone.

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