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When a flop isn’t a flop


Soccer players are accused many times of flopping to draw fouls. Many times the refs award them the foul. But Saturday night, we saw the other side of the coin.

Kansas, Kentucky final set to be a good one

College Basketball

For the past two years, Cinderella has gotten a chance to dance with the prince with time remaining before midnight. But in those two years, the Cinderella--the Butler Bulldogs--has seen the clock strike midnight all too soon. This year, however, there is no Cinderella. Despite the fact we had two 15 seeds defeat 2 seeds for the first time in history and had a 13 seed advance to the Sweet Sixteen. All of them fell with Ohio having the hardest fall of them all. And now, on Championship night two teams remain: Kansas and Kentucky.

Linsanity is lindone

Basketball, NBA

It's official. Linsanity is dead. Last week, the New York Knicks announced that their "rags-to-riches" point guard would miss the next six weeks with a knee injury. Cue the funeral procession.

US national team starting to come around


The U.S. Men's National Soccer Team is back baby! Well, maybe not quite fully back. But no matter how you classify this last set of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches, the good ole US of A is looking much better than they have during this qualifying cycle. The Americans have gained six points in their qualifying group, beat the Germans (albeit their "B" team), but did lose to Belgium at home.

OT hockey great, but still needs help

Hockey, NHL

Just a tick under five hours after it had started, the madness finally came to an end last night. Andrew Shaw finally scored the winning goal for the Chicago Blackhawks in Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals. The United Center in Chicago went crazy; everyone else watching at home went to bed.