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Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

World Baseball Classic proves sport needs more international competitions

As the United States won the World Baseball Classic for the first time, the tournament finally found an identity for itself. And we learned we need more international baseball.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Time for Josh Hamilton to move from on-field to off-field role with Rangers

The Texas Rangers announced Monday that Josh Hamilton would undergo season-ending surgery for a knee injury. With that news coming down, it's starting to become more apparent that he needs to start thinking about his post-playing career.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Rangers need to do something with Prince Fielder

There's no doubt that the Texas Rangers sit in a much better position now than they did a year ago. But there's one exception to that — Prince Fielder. The 32-year-old designated hitter has had a rough start to May and it's time to move him out of the clean up spot in the lineup.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Opening Day: A day when anything is possible

It's Opening Day for baseball, something that is unique to just baseball. In no other sport does opening day conjure up images of spring or the sense of wonder of what could happen over the 162 games. So without further delay, let's play ball.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Rangers missed on Justin Upton, but they need one more bat for lineup

The Texas Rangers have one of the best offenses heading into the 2016 season in a few months. But if this lineup is to truly be feared by opposing pitchers, the Rangers have to add one more bat before the start of the upcoming campaign.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Baseball Hall of Fame might be in need of a change in voting

Last week, the Baseball Hall of Fame found itself in another controversy. Three voters left Ken Griffey Jr. off the ballot, which left some upset. With so many issues with the voting process, maybe it's time to change it.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

With time to reflect, Rangers had a heck of a season

It's been about a week since the Rangers fell to the Toronto Blue Jays in Game Five of the ALDS. That game hurt. Personally, it brought back memories of Game Six of the 2011 World Series. It stunk having to watch the undeserving Blue Jays fans celebrate a series win. But getting away from that game, and baseball for that matter, for a week has brought in a new perspective.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Final month-plus should be exciting time in Arlington

Against all of the odds at the beginning of the season, the Rangers have found themselves in thick of the playoff hunt with roughly a month-and-a-half to go in the season. Heading into action Tuesday night, the Rangers were just three games behind the Houston Astros for the top spot in the AL West and just a game behind the Baltimore Orioles for the second wild card spot.

Flags of the countries competing in the 2015 Little League World Series

Time for the Little League World Series to change it’s format

This weekend starts one of the greatest traditions of summer: the Little League World Series. Eight teams from across the United States and eight international teams will descend upon Williamsburg, Penn., for the next couple of weeks, fighting it out to determine which group of 11- to 12-year-olds is, in fact, the best team in the world. It's a great experience for the kids that make it as they get to live out every kid's dream and be on ESPN and basically live like rock stars during the tournament. But the tournament isn't without it's flaws.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Rangers better off staying ‘as is’ going into trade deadline

The biggest issue with the Rangers becoming buys in the waning days of July is that they're not really contenders. Currently Texas sits in third in the American League West behind the Astros and Angels. In fact the Rangers sit eight games behind the Angels for first place in the division and five games behind the Minnesota Twins for the second wild card spot. That's hardly considered contender status, even with this expanded playoffs. And I don't really get why the Rangers would want to try to get a player that may or may not work out and will, in all likely hood, get them into a spot to be a contender.

Globe Life Park from the first base dugout

Joey Gallo needs the time in Triple-A for development

Thanks to a multitude of injuries just over a fourth of the way through the season, Gallo got the call up to Arlington from Frisco, putting him in the limelight for the entire country to see. Gallo actually got off to a great start with the big league club, ripping a 2-run hit in his first plate appearance and then hitting a 2-run home run the next time up. It got even better when he sent a gigantic blast over the wall in Dodger Stadium against Clayton Kershaw. But the fun in the majors ran out Tuesday, with Gallo being sent to Triple-A, a level in which he has yet to play, in order to make room for Josh Hamilton. And that's really the best thing that can happen for Gallo at this point in time.