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Kentucky’s loss doesn’t mean they’re not great

The Kentucky Wildcats were two games away from history. Sitting at 38-0, all they had to do is beat Wisconsin and then beat Duke to become the first team since Indiana in 1976 to go undefeated and the first team ever to go 40-0 in a season. But as the semifinal game wound down, it all fell apart for the Wildcats. And instead of them getting the chance for basketball immortality in the championship game, it was the Badgers playing the Blue Devils for all the marbles. Even though the season didn't end with an undefeated record or a national championship, however, this Kentucky team was/is a great team.

NCAA Tournament is Kentucky’s to lose

So the main course of the NCAA tournament begins in full force today with half of the field playing in the first round of the tournament. And with comes the legions of people who, after never following college basketball for the regular season, suddenly become experts on all of the 64 teams competing. That and everyone frantically fills out brackets, hoping their's is the first perfect bracket, though the chance of that is exponentially small. Of course, I am one of those millions of people who filled out a bracket this year once again. And like so many of the other people who filled out brackets this year, I have to admit that I have Kentucky winning it all and completing the perfect seaso

NCAA needs to do more than Syracuse’s postseason ban

Last Wednesday, Syracuse announced that it would imposing a postseason ban on its men's basketball team due to an NCAA investigation, that's about to come to an end, over alleged academic fraud, issues in drug testing and some other shady dealings. Now, that would so good and all, considering the Orangemen are a perennial power in the ACC and nationally; however, this year, they hold only a record of 15-8 overall and 6-4 in conference play, with some pretty bad losses to boot, and are likely not going to make it into the tournament, rendering the ban essentially pointless. So with the NCAA due to announce at any moment the punishment for Syracuse's transgressions, it would be best for the association to go beyond the self-imposed postseason ban with a harsher penalty.

Bracket dead after first two rounds of NCAA Tournament

My bracket didn't even get past the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. After a wild first two rounds of the tournament, with upset after upset, I've lost three Elite Eight teams, including my runners up--thanks a lot Duke.

Getting ready for an unpredictable NCAA Tournament

March Madness. Two words that go perfectly with college basketball. And with the tournament getting under way today, let the madness begin--both on the court and with everyone's not perfect bracket.

Kansas, Kentucky final set to be a good one

For the past two years, Cinderella has gotten a chance to dance with the prince with time remaining before midnight. But in those two years, the Cinderella--the Butler Bulldogs--has seen the clock strike midnight all too soon. This year, however, there is no Cinderella. Despite the fact we had two 15 seeds defeat 2 seeds for the first time in history and had a 13 seed advance to the Sweet Sixteen. All of them fell with Ohio having the hardest fall of them all. And now, on Championship night two teams remain: Kansas and Kentucky.

Sometimes sports are more than games

"They're only games," the saying goes about sports. But what happens when they merge with life? When the line blur? When sports become more than games?