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Time for the NBA to find a way to end the hack-a-player strategy

The hack-a-player strategy began last year and has made quite a number of appearances this year. The NBA needs to stomp it out before it grows bigger by allowing fouled teams to pick their free-throw shooters.

Golden State making the NBA fun to watch this year

I am not that big of a fan of the NBA. But even I, a guy who couldn't care less about the Association, can't help but watch what the Golden State Warriors are doing to start this season.

Knicks fans must give Kristaps Porzingis time to prove himself

With the fourth pick in Thursday's NBA draft, the Knicks decided to with Kristaps Porzingis of Latvia and that didn't sit well with Knicks fans who made their presence known with loud boos and sad faces. Knicks supporter, who also works at ESPN, Stephen A. Smith voiced his displeasure in a Twitter-filled rant. But the problem with this, however, is that fans aren't in the trenches, doing the dirty work, doing the scouting and knowing what is the best fit for the team. Instead, they just see the flashy names, the awesome random dunk highlights and stuff televisions show them. Because of that, Knicks fans have to give Porzingis a chance to prove himself before making a true judgement on him.

Possible change to NBA playoff structure would be beneficial

Currently the NBA playoffs take the top eight teams from each conference and seeds them with the division winners get the top seeds in each conference and the rest falling in right behind. But during the broadcast, Silver proposed that the NBA instead take the six division winners and then the next best 10 teams, regardless of what conference their in, and then go on with the 16-team tournament to determine the league's champion. And, right along with almost everything else Silver has done since taking over as NBA commissioner last year, this move would be highly beneficial for the league as a whole.

Cavaliers slow start no reason for Cleveland to worry

As bad as things might look for the Cleveland Cavaliers now, there's still a very long way to go in this season and Clevelanders should hold off on their worry until this trend reaches the new year.

Basketball stars need to be focus on international duty to continue to grow sport

One of my favorite sayings in soccer is "for club and country." Players spend the majority of their time with the club teams playing for domestic, continental and some times international trophies, but every so often lay down their club allegiances to play for their country in international friendlies or various tournaments during every World Cup cycle. It's something that makes soccer unique and it's cool to see players still have strong allegiances to their home country even if it's far away from their club team. It's also something that I would love to see with basketball and NBA.

LeBron James’ return to Cleveland the feel good story of the NBA this summer

After four straight visits to the NBA Finals and two NBA championships, James has again shocked the sports world by returning to Cleveland to try to bring his home city its first sports title in 49 years and in the process became the nice guy again trying to do his best for his hometown. And now, he's the NBA's feel-good story of the summer.

Heat, Spurs set for great rematch in NBA Finals

Now the NBA, which has had great rematches in its history, with Lakers vs. Celtics and Chicago vs. Detroit being the most notable, adds another great rematch to its repertoire with the Heat and Spurs facing off for the second straight year and no love lost between the two.

Adam Silver’s strong decision has kept focus on NBA playoffs, not Donald Sterling

It was just over a week-and-a-half ago that the Donald Sterling story took off. On April 25, the recording with Sterling making very racists remarks was released and with it a fire storm for the NBA that threatened to mar what has been a great postseason thus far. But then roughly 72 hours later, relatively new NBA commissioner Adam Silver ruled with a heavy hand and banned Sterling for life and is currently seeking to get two-thirds of the 29 other owners to vote Sterling out of the league. And with it, has relegated this Sterling story back behind the NBA playoffs.

NBA Playoffs look to be an exciting affair this time around

Two of the things I can't stand the most in sport happen to be the NBA and the NBA playoffs, especially as they drag along into mid to late June. But this year may be the exception to that rule if the first set of games is any indicator of how the rest of the playoffs will be.

NBA’s Christmas Day jerseys need to be a one-time deal

Baseball has the long pants in summer. Hockey has the sweaters and shorts. Soccer has the long socks and shin guards. Basketball has the tank top jerseys. Or at least they had tank top jerseys. For the first time that I can remember, the basketball teams playing on Christmas Day wore short-sleeve jerseys. My Christmas wish for next year is that those jerseys never appear again.