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Previewing the top DCI corps 2014 shows


We've reached the last full week of June and that means that one of the greatest parts of summer is making a return. The drum corps season lasts nearly two month, traveling all over the country, performing and exciting crowds every where they go. The Drum Corps International season has already kicked off technically, with just a handful of performances in the past five days, but the unofficial start comes with the DCI Premiere at the theater tonight at 6:30 locally, showing a recorded broadcast from the contest in Akron, Ohio on Saturday night.

Previewing the DCI 2015 shows


Tonight starts the almost two-month journey for the 20+ World Class drum corps of DCI. The DCI premiere at Lucas Oil Stadium and shown in theaters around the country kicks off the summer of drum corps as the corps then criss-cross the country before winding up back in Indianapolis for the championships in early to mid August. With the season officially starting tonight, here is a very basic preview for 12 of the top corps for this season. The notes I have for each corps are based off their repertoire, theme name and whatever they had to accompany their show announcement. I haven't seen any videos for the corps during their preseason workouts. So without further adieu, here are the previews for 12 corps going into this season.

Summer of DCI should be another entertaining season


Last Wednesday, summer officially started. Yes, I know summer really started Sunday, but Wednesday was the Drum Corps International premiere at Lucas Oil Stadium and simulcast in theaters across the country, starting off nearly two-month long journey across the country that will end up right back in Indianapolis in August. Yes, summer is officially here. And if the premiere is anything like how the rest of the season, it's going to be another great year for DCI.

A member of the Carolina Crown color guard walks over stools

DCI Southwestern Championship Live Blog


It's time for the DCI Southwestern Championship in San Antonio, the first contest with all of the World Class corps squaring off at the same competition. Follow here for a small live blog of all of the happenings in the Alamodome.