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While AFL struggles, sport needs to be saved

Arena football, and to a degree all of indoor football, might be coming to an end. The AFL, even after bringing in a business person who has turned casinos' balance sheets from red to black, might be headed to an end, especially with the news coming out within the past couple of weeks of the Pittsburgh Power folding and the wonder and speculation if more teams might follow suit.

AFL will continue to struggle as long as parity remains low

While having a dominant team isn't necessarily bad for any sports league, the degree in which the AFL has with the Rattlers and, to a slightly lesser extent, San Jose SaberCats is troubling, especially for a league that has struggled to get into the mainstream sports market.

With possibility of new arena in Fort Worth, could AFL return to DFW?

Texas is a football state and with the San Antonio Talons on the verge of going under, it seems strange to think that the state will not have a team. There is, however, a chance that another team could sneak into area once again.

Gladiators one win away from giving Cleveland first championship since 1964

The title drought in Cleveland has been well documented throughout the years. The last time the city was able to celebrate one of their sports teams was in 1964 when the Browns won the NFL title, not the Super Bowl. Since then, it's been an 0-for type of streak for the folks of Cleveland. But the city is even closer to that to their first championship in 50 years and while they also play in Quicken Loans Arena, they're not who you might expect.

Cardiac kids in Cleveland pulling some impressive late-game AFL magic

While the rest of the Cleveland is unsurprisingly focused on the return of LeBron James and the possibility of the Cavaliers winning the city its first championship in 49 years, there's another team playing in the same arena with the same owner that is making some noise of its own on its quest to bring an Arena Football League title home for the city.

AFL’s third shot in Vegas might be shot in the desert

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things. Casinos, bars, clubs and everything in between. But arena football is not one of those things.

AFL will need quarterbacks to have shot at surviving

In this day and age of football, no position is more important than the quarterback position. In the NFL, it's the teams with at least a solid, consistent quarterback that make the playoffs. That's no different in the AFL, and in fact, the quarterback position is even more important in the arena game. But the problem for the league is that since the reboot of the league in 2010, the quarterback play hasn't been very good. There are a handful of really good quarterbacks, a few solid quarterbacks and then there is a steep, steep drop off after that.

Cleveland Gladiators surprising AFL, could bring city’s first title since 1964

I talk a lot about the sports futility here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and aside from the Dallas Mavericks title in 2011, it's been pretty bad here (I'm looking at you Rangers and FC Dallas). But no matter how bad it's been here, it's been even worse for the city of Cleveland. It's been well documented how futile Cleveland sports teams have been for going on five decades now. The Browns continually stink, the Cavs couldn't win the NBA title with LeBron and the Indians have been up and down over the years. Enter the Cleveland Gladiators.

LA KISS field certainly makes a statement

If you haven't heard by now, the Los Angeles area has a profession football team now... that is, of the arena football variety. The Arena Football League has completed four weeks of its 27th season of operation, but this past Saturday was the first game the LA KISS had at the Honda Center in Anaheim. And among other things which I won't get to here, they certainly made a statement with their field.

Arizona Rattlers, Philadelphia Soul starting to develop a rivalry

It's not a geographical battle. It's not the Cascadia Cup. It's nothing like the Manchester Derby. But over the last couple of seasons, the Arizona Rattlers and Philadelphia Soul have seen a lot of each other and lately the games have been pretty close. And hopefully for the league it'll soon become a premiere rivalry.

New AFL season brings concerns, but plenty of room for optimism

Tonight the Arena Football League will kick off its 27th season when the New Orleans VooDoo travels to take on the Tampa Bay Storm. As always at this point of the year, there's concern about the future of the league. Two teams look to be on the fritz, while others could have unseen issues, as there were with the Utah Blaze who folded back in September. Attendance is nowhere where it used to be pre-2009 cancellation. But there's plenty of time for pessimism this season. But since I won't be covering the league as much as I had in the past and in the spirit of opening day I'll be the optimist for once.