Security on the internet is everything these days. Websites are nice targets for bad actors looking to wreak havoc and make a quick buck. So keeping one step ahead of them is pretty paramount.

These posts will discuss the ways that you can make sure your website is secure, both for you and your users.

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Always stay up to date with WordPress Core

Website Security, WordPress

I'm always baffled when I run across a website that has a really old version of WordPress running. I know some people still aren't on version 5.0 because of Gutenberg, but you still should stay updated for security and the newest features.

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How to secure your WordPress website

Website Security, WordPress

Website security is a pretty important topic these days, especially with all of the threats. And it's even more important if you have a WordPress website. So here are some steps you can take to secure your website.

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Staying informed about web security

Small Business, Website Security

A couple of WordPress plugin-related security issues are not super uncommon in this landscape. But they serve a reminder that you have to stay on top of web security news to protect your site and users.