Continuing the path toward finish Giornalismo

Another week gone by and another item checked off the list for the Giornalismo theme.

This week I finished off the advertisement feature for the theme, which actually went much easier than I thought it would. After creating the advertisement custom post type last week, I was able to add spots to add advertisements in the header as well as the widgets this week.

Getting to the fun part of coding

So the long battle with JavaScript has finally ended after a few weeks.

Road block for Nuovo

So Nuovo was almost home free. After getting initial approval by the first reviewer, the thought was that the second and final round would be quick and painless and that it would be put up on the WordPress Theme directory relatively soon.

Except that the second review brought up a few more issues that have to be fixed before it can be accepted into the theme directory.

Taking things one item at a time

After a pretty successful week last week with Giormalismo, this week wasn’t quite as great, but then again I had a lot going on this week.

Good news for both themes

So there’s a lot of good news with the two themes I have right now.

Finally getting to see it all come together

If seeing is believing, then I more than believe that I struggle at building themes perfectly in the initial coding aspect.

Last week, I finally finished coding the biggest part of Giornalismo and decided to give it a bit of test run. Sure, not all of the features I’m looking to run with the theme have been added, but this would give me a bit of an idea of what was working so far and what wasn’t. And as usual, once I waded through all of the different PHP errors that I had, I found that I had a lot more work to do.

And it goes on and on and on

So my suspicions with how easy it would be to fix the errors found in Nuovo in the theme review turned out to be correct. The biggest issue, the errors being kicked back when no options were saved in the theme options, wasn’t that hard of a problem to fix. For the text input, all that was needed was a simple if statement using the built-in function “isset” to display what’s in the option if there is something. For the check boxes and select menus, I had to write a small function, again using “isset”, to get those error messages to go away.

Needing to fix Nuovo for theme directory

So there’s good news, pretty good news and bad news with the Nuovo theme.

First, the good news is is that it was finally reviewed for the WordPress Theme Directory after six weeks of waiting around. I’m not going to lie, I was a good bit nervous when I got an email saying someone was reviewing the theme. The last time this had happened, it came back an absolute dud.

But the pretty good news is that it came back fairly well. There were issues, as always, but it made it mostly past the process and wasn’t torn apart into shreds, which was my biggest fear going in.

Learning how to HTML5

So now I’ve reached the fun part in creating this Giornalismo theme: the actual creating. Now is the time where things all come together and all of the ideas I’ve had in planning how this thing will work all get put into motion.

Done with the designs, now onto the production

So even with the busy and crazy schedule I have now with college starting up again and essentially three jobs to juggle, I’ve found the time to finish off the mobile designs for Giornalismo (not that’s anything too hard given the fact that I need only one design per template).

But with that done, it’s now time to the most fun part of the build, and I say that sincerely: the coding.

Still waiting and still creating mock ups

So the news on the Nuovo Theme is that there’s no news. It hasn’t been reviewed yet, although it seems to be in good company as there are many more themes as old if not older that have yet to be touched by the WordPress theme reviewers, which is understandable given the scope of how many themes need reviewing.

Now the waiting game begins

So a little after posting last week’s update on the Nuovo theme, I finally really reached the point where it wasn’t really worth getting into the super fine details of cleaning up the theme and decided to test the waters of the WordPress Theme Review and see what happens.

And now the waiting games begin.