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If you need help with a WordPress theme or plugin or other web project, I can help you cross the finish line.

Do you need someone to come in and make some quick changes to your website? Do you need colors changed or maybe a small blog added to the site? Or do you need someone to finish up a job someone else couldn’t? Or do you have a cool idea for a WordPress theme or plugin and need someone with the technical knowledge to make it a reality?

I can help you in any of these situations. I’ve worked with web development since 2012, and I’ve learned a lot in that time frame. I know how to get things done on the web. And I would love to help you complete whatever you need.

What I Can Do


CSS is the easiest way to style webpages today. Over the course of my learning, I’ve become well-versed in how to make CSS work for me to create beautiful designs on the page.

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Foundation is CSS framework similar to that of Bootstrap. I know how to utilize Foundation to get the most out of it to make amazing websites.


Git and version control are key parts of the web development work flow these days. I know how to use Git in an efficient manner to make sure all projects are properly under version control.


HTML is the building block of the modern webpage. I know how to create the correct HTML to create the page I need.


JavaScript is quickly becoming the way of the modern internet. I know how to use JavaScript to implement cool features on the webpage.



jQuery is a small, but powerful tool in web development. I know how to use it to do cool things on the webpage.


MySQL will always be a key part of the internet and web development. I know how to create databases, combine data to get cool stats and get it to print on the page to create dynamic webpages.


While JavaScript is certainly on the up and up, PHP remains the bread and butter of web development. I know how to use PHP to get the data I need, display it on the page and solve just about any webpage problem.

Responsive Web Design

The web today is quickly turning to the mobile sphere. So responsive web design is a must. I know how to design websites that look good on desktops, tablets and mobile phones and how to make that come to life in the actual code.



VueJS is one of the most lightweight and powerful JavaScript frameworks out there. I can create websites and projects that utilize VueJS to be quick and amazing.

Web Design

A website’s design is just as important as the code that runs it. It helps a site stand out among the crowd of the other million sites on the web. I can help make your site be one of those that stands out among the sea of other sites.


I’ve worked with WordPress as a user since 2010 and as a developer since 2012. I’ve developed themes and plugins, both commercially and for the respective directories on It’s easy to get going and I use it on almost all of my projects.

What I Can Do For You

Quick Fixes

Need some fixes to your website, but don’t need a whole new one? Do you just need a few things changed here or there, or even just a small blog added on to your site? I can help you out with that. I can quickly take what you need and implement it on your website so that you can get on your way running your business.

WordPress Projects

I’ve worked with WordPress since 2012. I’m a co-organizer for a local WordPress meetup, and I stay tuned in to everything happening with it. I know my way around developing with the CMS. So, if you need someone to help develop a WordPress theme, plugin or other product for personal or commercial use, I can give you the help you need.

Finish up Projects

Have you had a developer come in to work on a website or web project and leave halfway through? Are you struggling to find someone to come in and finish it out? I can help you out with that. I can come in, learn what the project is and figure out how to finish it so you end up with a website or product your can be proud of.

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Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson Graphic Design

I am extremely fortunate to have gotten to meet and work with Jacob. He takes my web designs and brings them to life on the internet. He is very professional, knows his stuff, and delivers an outstanding product that is on-time and within budget. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. Small sites or large sites Jacob can do them all.

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