Do you have a project or website that you need help with? Do you have a great idea, but need help make it come to fruition?

You’ve come to the right place! I can help make your idea a reality on the screen.

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Whether you need a new website, have an idea for a project or plugin, or need help with anything else web development related, I can help. I’ve worked with WordPress for over five years and can help get you going with website that fills your need.

The Power of WordPress for Your Site

WordPress powers roughly 28 percent of the internet and is hands down the best content management system. You’ll have a powerful backend for your website where you can easily add posts, pages and other items for your website. Plus, I’ll make sure you know how your site works and how you can make small, quick changes.

Latest Web Design to Meet Your Needs

The internet is filled fast and new trends for website design. I’ll make sure your site looks good for today’s standards. I’ll also listen to your needs and come up with a website design that meets all of them.

Powerful, Yet Lightweight Website

With the power of WordPress and the plugins that come with it plus the latest in PHP and JavaScript, you’ll have a site that can do just about anything. But at the same time, it will be lightweight enough to where your visitors won’t have any trouble viewing your site no matter the device.

Project Timeline

This is a basic project timeline. The specific timeframes may vary depending on your project.

  • Discovery

    2 - 3 Weeks

    I want to make sure the website I build for you meets your needs perfectly. So in order to do that, I’ll need to know your needs. So we’ll spend the first first couple of weeks discovering what you want this website to do. This is also a great time to get your content and copywriting together to make the process much smoother down the line.

  • Design

    2 - 4 Weeks

    Once I know your needs, I’ll spend the next couple of weeks coming up with a website design that fills those needs while making your site look like the top of the line. And don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to suggest changes and make edits so that you’re happy with the site.

  • Development

    3 - 5 Weeks

    Once I know your needs and once we’ve settled on a design, I’ll spend the next month or so actually creating the site. I’ll put my web development and WordPress knowledge to use to make the site design spring onto the page.

  • Content and Your Review

    1 - 2 Weeks

    Finally, we’ll add in all of your content to the new website and give you a chance to look at it and make final small tweaks to the site. I want to make sure you’re happy with how it all works before taking it live.

  • Launch

Continual Site Care

A website isn’t just a singular thing that is created and then set aside. Instead, it’s a living thing that changes as time goes on. WordPress changes. The plugins used change. Even web design standards change.

So I offer continual site care for your website so that you don’t have to stress about what your website is doing. Here’s what I offer:

Hosting on WPEngine

WPEngine is hosting built for WordPress. It offers nightly and on-demand backups, which come in handy if something breaks on your site. And it offers tools to help speed up your site. Plus, the customer service is second to none.

Don’t Worry About Updates

WordPress and plugin updates come out all the time. But you won’t have worry about those updates. Once a week, I’ll check your site for updates and do them for you. That’s peace of mind.

If Something Breaks, I’ll Fix It

And what if something breaks? Don’t sweat, I’ll fix it. With the plan, if an update to a plugin or something else breaks your site, I will get your site back up and running with no additional cost to you.

Small Tweaks to Your Website

Do you want a color or a font changed? Need something small in the code changed? No problem. You’ll have 10 hours a month for those small tweaks to make your site look even better.

The first year of this service is free and then we can talk about the next years later in the process.

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