Let's Tell Your Story

You have a story to tell. Whether it’s writing, photos or video, I can help you tell it.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful human interactions. It’s how we connect with other people. It’s how we share experiences and learn and grow as people and a society. It’s what makes humans, well, human.

You have a story to tell. Whether it’s a case study for work you’ve done for others, a blog post about a recent experience that can help your customers, or you just want to tell the story of you and/or your business, I want to help you tell that story in the most effective way possible. Whether it’s a written, photo or video story, I can help that story come to life so that you can share that story with the world.

How I Can Tell Your Story

In this day and age, storytelling comes in many different varieties. There’s the tried and true written word. But as our lives become more and more connected on the web, photography and video are more captivating mediums. And then there’s the content strategy aspect, particularly if you run a small business. I can help you with any of these ways of storytelling.


Writing was my first love. There’s nothing better than reading a really well written story. And there’s nothing better than telling a really cool story through words on a page or screen. Using the English language to give readers a crystal clear picture of the story turns out to be really fun.

So whether it’s just a simple case study, a blog post, a biography for your website or a feature story, I would love to help you tell through writing.


As the technological age grows, we’re becoming drawn more and more to images. Still images can tell a story all by themselves. The lighting. The reactions. The subject matter being shown. A great photo can tell a lot. If you have a story that you want to be told through photos — whether it’s the story of your business or an event you have — I can help get the shots you need to tell it effectively through photos.


If a photo is worth a thousand words, what does that make video. Video allows viewers to see the images and story, but also hear from the subjects involved in the story. It draws out emotion and can create a sort of bond between the viewer and the subject. If you want to tell your story or the story of your business through video, I can ask the right questions, get the right shots and put it all together to help you share your story through this amazing medium.

Telling Your Story on the Web

If you’re a small business owner, or even a freelancer like myself, you can continue to tell your story outside of a simple “About Me” page on your website. You can tell your story through writing blog posts or posting videos and photos. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to come with ideas to continue to tell your story. I can help you figure out the best content strategy so that you can tell your story while helping your business grow.

Stories I've Told About Others

Let's Tell Your Story

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