Rio Olympics Blog: Final thoughts on Rio and the Olympics

Two days after arriving back from Rio, it’s starting to hit me that I was at the Olympics. Some final thoughts on Rio, the Olympics and the experience.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-six: Home sweet home

Roughly 26 days after leaving the United States for the adventure of a lifetime, we made it back to the U.S. Wednesday morning. Coming home has never felt so good.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-five: Avoiding the rush

It’s over. The Olympics have ended. We waited a day to leave to let the airport traffic clear out. But it was a great day to relax after all of our work and to finally pack for the trip home.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-four: A storm’s a brewin’

The weather gave the Rio Olympics one last parting shot, but it didn’t dampen are last day of work at the Olympics.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-three: What a moment

All Brazil wanted from the Olympics was gold in men’s soccer. They got that wish, and the scenes from inside the Olympic Park were incredible.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-two: The end is near

Only two days of competition remain in the Rio Olympics. The end is very near.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-one: Visiting the ‘mega store’

I had almost nothing to do on Thursday which made it the perfect time to shop at the mega store in the park. Remember folks: don’t judge a book by its cover.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty: History is made

Wednesday was a light day, but it certainly wasn’t light on excitement or history.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Nineteen: Taking it easy

Tuesday ended up being a pretty light day. After the past couple of weeks we’ve had, that’s fine by me.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Eighteen: Diving off the deep end

On Monday I ventured out to the diving stadium. What I got was wind, cold, divers struggling to adjust to the weather and a 700-word recap.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Seventeen: A wild medal story appears

After eight days of competition, I finally got to tell a medal story. Weightlifter Sarah Robles became the first U.S. women to take a medal in the competition since 2000.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Sixteen: More struggles

Saturday presented another long day and more challenges and a guy who never showed up to do interviews. Fun.