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Belichick, Patriots don’t have benefit of the doubt

While in the grand scheme of things it didn't really matter with New England winning 45-7 and Indianapolis never really having a chance, it's a clear violation o the rules if it was done on purpose and head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots don't really have the benefit of the doubt here.

After great wild card round, NFL’s divisional round a big let down

The wild card round of the NFL playoffs two weekends ago was simply amazing. Indianapolis had a great 28-point comeback. New Orleans and San Francisco each won on a late-second field goal. San Diego overcame a 10-7 halftime deficit to be the only team of the weekend to win by more than one score. But as is the general rule with sequels, the second go-around isn't usually as good as the original. The divisional round proved that point this past weekend.

Threat of playoff blackout signals near end of attending NFL games

Television is way better than attending a live NFL game. Ten years ago, that statement would be absolutely absurd. There's no way that watching a game on television would match and surpass the experience of going to an NFL game, people would say. But last week, three teams faced the very real possibility of not being able to sell out their playoff tickets and having to blackout the game in their area because of NFL rules. Thankfully, either the remaining tickets were bought by fans or some corporate sponsor to avoid the blackout.