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Threat of playoff blackout signals near end of attending NFL games


Television is way better than attending a live NFL game. Ten years ago, that statement would be absolutely absurd. There's no way that watching a game on television would match and surpass the experience of going to an NFL game, people would say. But last week, three teams faced the very real possibility of not being able to sell out their playoff tickets and having to blackout the game in their area because of NFL rules. Thankfully, either the remaining tickets were bought by fans or some corporate sponsor to avoid the blackout.

Cold weather football–the way football was meant to be played


The Frozen Tundra. The Ice Bowl. Many of the memorable games in NFL history have been played in cold and even frigid weather. The Cowboys-Dolphins game in 1993, famous for Leon Lett's gaffe which cost Dallas the game was played in the snow. The Ice Bowl, the 1967 NFL Championship Game was played in Green Bay where the temperature was 15 degrees below zero and the wind chill was anywhere between 36 and 48 degrees below zero. It's considered one of the best games in NFL history. Simply put, NFL football is made for the cold weather.

Cowboys need to rethink bringing back Josh Brent


e all make mistakes, we're not perfect and everyone deserves a second chance to atone for their mistakes. The problem is that phrase has been taken out of context by Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys as an excuse for them to bring back defensive lineman Josh Brent after serving time for intoxicated manslaughter in an accident that killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown. And the bigger issue is that this isn't his second chance--it's his third and fourth with a history of issues.

NFL needs to suspend Tom Brady


The report has all but admitted that Brady broke the rules by deflating the balls. Now that in itself wouldn't be the cause of many, including myself, calling for him to be suspended. Instead, Brady has lied what knowledge he had about it and stood in defiance to the NFL, and that is why Brady should be suspended for a considerable amount of time this season.

Setting up the NFL for promotion and relegation

Football, NFL

With the European soccer season beginning this month, I've decided to explore what promotion and relegation could do to a top American sports league, particularly the NFL and how it could make it more exciting.

NFL needs to adapt the AFL’s overtime rules


Saturday night's playoff game between Arizona and Green Bay was epic. But the ensuing overtime period lasted just three plays and left something to be desired. So maybe now's a good time for the NFL to adopt the AFL's overtime rules.