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Ohio State might have pulled upset, but TCU still has argument

I know that a lot of the debate about the snubs has died down with the Buckeye's win, but that win shouldn't diminish what TCU showed a day earlier, nor should it deny the fact that TCU had a very serious that they should have been the number four team in the postseason.

With two weeks left, BCS can still dish out some chaos

The Bowl Championship Series is one of the most polarizing systems this side of the 21st century. Possibly more divisive than congress and politics, the BCS always manages to make one, or more, fan base mad while delivering an early Christmas present for another. This year, the last of the BCS as we know it, we could be headed for another season of bowl and national championship chaos. Get your popcorn ready.

First Saturday of college football a fun one indeed

It took a nearly the entire first half, but at the end of the day, I and other UT fans alike were able to breathe easy and take in the full first Saturday of college football without the embarrassment of a loss to New Mexico State.