Rio Olympics Blog — Day Fifteen: The ups and downs

Well, Friday wasn’t a great day with soccer bowing out and U.S. men’s basketball struggling against Serbia. But a new type of hot dog helped even the day out.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Fourteen: En garde

Thursday was an interesting day. I ended up getting a fencing story together despite issues getting into the mixed zone. And I learned that cycling track is one heck of a sport.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twelve: Much needed rest

After three days of getting up early, I got to sleep in Tuesday. And it felt nice.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Eleven: Row, row, row your boat (Part II)

Monday saw the clouds roll in and calmer winds, which meant it was time for rowing once again.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Ten: Row, row, row your boat again … or not

So windy conditions equaled a no-go for rowing on Sunday. But watching Serena Williams in tennis was a blast.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Nine: Row, row, row your boat (Part I)

Always remember the sunscreen, especially if you’re covering rowing. Oh, and write the story first before trying to get back to the Olympic Park. Lessons learned on the first day of the Olympics.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Seven: Sitting in on press conferences

Thursday was the chill day we all needed. But sitting in on the IOC and USA Basketball press conference certainly made it interesting.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Six: Let’s get to work

The start of the women’s soccer tournament on Wednesday marked the unofficial start of the Olympics and the unofficial start of our work with

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Four: A change of plans

Well, we weren’t able to go to the Christ the Redeemer statue today, but we were still able to do a little bit more exploring.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Three: The Olympic Park is massive

Our second day in Rio saw us check out the media center and the massive Olympic Village. Only a few more days before it takes center stage for the world.

Rio Olympics Blog — Day One: The long adventure begins

Well, 24 hours of madness have resulted in us finding ourselves in Rio de Janeiro with an apartment right down the road from the Olympic Park. It’s all starting to set in now.