Storytelling has always been something that I’ve been passionate about.

It started early as I would always read the sports stories in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram each morning. Then it migrated its way towards actually writing those stories as I worked my way through The Daily Texan sports section while attending the University of Texas.

And then with the digital age it has continued to migrate to telling the stories of people and businesses through their websites.

Whether it’s creating a WordPress plugin or theme that someone can grab and use in their own way on their site or working with a business to craft a website that fits their needs, I love the challenge of finding a way to tell a story online.

As someone who has great art ideas but can’t draw worth anything, I remember the first time I created something “cool” on the web using just lines of code. And I love giving business owners that same experience when creating their own website.

What I do

There are three main things I can do to help your business and your website. And they can help you no matter where you are with your website.

  • Build — Creating a website that’s actually going to help your business grow takes a lot of work (and a lot of knowledge too). Whether you’re just looking for the perfect WordPress theme for a design that you love, trying to find a plugin to add in more functionality or need to build a website from the ground up, I can help you build the website of your dreams.
  • Grow — A common misconception with websites is that you can simply let it be after it’s been built. In reality, you need to actively manage and maintain your website so that it helps your business. Whether it’s just signing up for the free Small Business Websites newsletter or purchasing a WordPress Website Care plan, I can help you grow your website so that it helps your business grow.
  • Learn — There is a lot that you need to know about websites. In addition to learning how to create a website, you probably need to know about digital marketing, search engine optimization, WordPress (if you’re using it), accessibility and so much more. From blog posts, videos and resources to a knowledge base and even community forums, I can help you learn more about websites so that you know exactly what you’re doing with your website.

What is your next step

So what can you do now?

Well first you need to figure out where you are with your website journey. Are you trying to create a new (or even your first) website for your business? Are you trying to figure out how you can grow your website? Or are you just trying to learn more about websites?

Then click on the corresponding button below to start solving whatever problem you’re having.

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out to me through my contact form. Even if it’s a simple question, I would love to help your business grow in today’s online world!

three people sitting on a couch looking and pointing at a laptop sitting on a wooden table