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The internet is an ever-changing world today. A lot is happening, and it can be a challenge for anyone to keep up with it, especially those that run a small business and/or who might not be great with tech (which is totally fine).

If that fits you, then this newsletter is definitely for you. Each month you’ll get an in-depth discussion on a digital marketing topic, links to websites that might give you some inspiration, tips for your website, discounts for products on this website and more.

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What You Will Get

In-depth Digital Marketing Discussions

Each newsletter will feature an in-depth discussion about a topic with digital marketing. Whether it’s something you’re familiar with or you’re learning about this for the first time, it should help guide your decisions with your website.

Inspiration for Your Website

There’s a lot that you can learn from other people’s websites. Each newsletter will feature a section with links to websites that are doing really cool things that you might want to try on your website. Consider it kind of like a Pinterest board that’s sent right to your inbox.

Discounts on Products From This Webite

Finally, as more WordPress plugins and themes are released on this site, there will be discount codes specific to this newsletter, allowing you to get plugins and maybe a theme that will make your website perfect.

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