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A custom website can help your business stand out from the crowd. Let’s help you accomplish that!

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In an online world, a custom website can make a difference

Roughly half of all small businesses still don’t have a website, according to Fit Small Business. And with more and more people shopping online, that’s a lot of businesses missing out on potential business.

Let’s help you get both a website that will stand out from the rest of the businesses in your area and help your business grow online.


of small businesses have a website

70 to 80%

of consumers research a business online before visiting in person or making a purchase


of people will stop engaging with a site if it doesn’t have an appealing layout or design

> 50%

of website traffic is brought in through a search engine

What You Will Get

Custom Web Design

Obviously, you’re going to get a website that is unique to your business, matches your branding and looks exactly the way you imagine it.

WordPress Website

Today roughly a third of all websites use WordPress. It’s reliable, has great support and is easy to use for beginners. It’s a great platform to build a website on.

Accessible Website

Everyone will be able to use your website no matter what technology they use. Your website will be developed to match the top accessibility standards out there.

Ecommerce Website

If you want to add an online store to your website, that will be no problem. I’ll work with you to develop a great looking store and walk you through how to run it.

A Secure Website

Internet security is everything these days. I use the best coding practices and well-built plugins to make sure your website is always secure.

Foundation for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a priority for any website. Your website will have a great SEO foundation in the code to launch your SEO efforts.

Digital Marketing Education

There is a lot to learn about digital marketing, and all throughout this I will help you learn more about it, from creating landing pages to creating funnels to convert customers.

Responsive Web Design

More and more people are viewing the web on their phones. So having a website that also looks good on mobile is crucial, which I can do for you.

Website Training

Finally, I will walk you through your new website and leave you with documentation guides so that you can manage and maintain your website with ease.

An Online Home for Your Business

But most importantly, this website will be the online home for your business. All of your digital marketing efforts will lead right back here.

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How this will work

Everything starts with the free consultation call where we’ll learn more about each other, discuss the projects and figure out if we are a good fit for each other.

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Ready to get started building your website? Great! Sign up for a free consultation where we can meet and discuss the project and get to know each other to figure out if this is going to be the right fit for both of us.

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Questions you might have

What is your rate?

My hourly rate is $65 per hour. Since the exact price you’ll pay is dependent on what your website needs to be, we can discuss the specifics about the price during the consultation.

What will be discussed during the consultation?

During the consultation we’ll get to know each other better. You’ll learn more about what I’ve done in the past and what I can bring to your project. And I’ll get to learn more about your business and what you want and need from this website.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is used by roughly one third of websites on the internet. It has a great community backing, and it’s great for beginners. Plus I’ve been using it for well over 10 years now. And if you need any help, I can teach you the ropes.

Who will take care of the content?

Content creation for a new website can be a tricky task, and it can get forgotten about. Who will take care of the content part will just depend on whether you can create it or hire someone to or if you need me to. And we’ll come to an agreement before the end of the discovery phase.

How long will it take?

Without knowing your specific project, I would say no less than three months. Although it depends on what you want. If it’s just a simple website, it might take less time. More complex websites will take longer

How does payment work?

If we agree to work together, I will budget out the price of the website depending on the hours needed to get the job done. From there, the price will be split into three parts to be paid at different milestones along the way (after the design, after the development, etc.). The website must be paid in full before it is taken live.

Learn more about small business websites

There is a lot to learn about websites, digital marketing and everything that surrounds it. So take the time to learn more about each of them so that you can maintain and manage a website that’s going to help your business.

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