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A custom website design will help your business stand out from the crowded online market. So let’s work together to turn your dream website into a reality!

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Let’s Help Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd

The web is a crowded market for any business or organization. There are so many websites out there these days.

So it’s important to design a website that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

That’s what I can help you do. Whether it’s just a brochure website to let people know about your business to an online store to expand your reach to creating a lead generation website and more, I can help design and build your business or organization an amazing website that leaves a positive impression on everyone who visits your website.

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Website Built to Exactly What You Need

Every business needs a website. But every business’ needs for a website is different. You’ll get exactly that with a new custom website design. Whether you want just a simple brochure website, want to create an online store, want a website that will generate leads for your business or anything in between, you’ll get a website that’s designed specifically to help your business meet your goals.

Easily Manage all of Your Content

Managing content on a website can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Your new website will be built with WordPress, the world’s leading content management system. This means you’ll have an easy time managing all of the content on your website. Adding and updating pages on your website will be quick and simple to make your life much easier. Plus, if you sell products through your website, you’ll be able to easily manage products, orders, customers and more right through your website’s dashboard. It’s the best way to manage your new website.

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Built By Someone Who Wants You to Succeed

I love working with small businesses. I love seeing them succeed, and I want your business to succeed in today’s online world. I’ll work with you to learn more about your business so that we can together create a design that fits your business and create a website that will help your business or organization grow online.

Training and a Knowledge Base

You won’t be left hanging once the website is live. I’ll provide you with recorded training for how to use your specific website that you can refer back to as many times as you need. And you’ll have access to a knowledge base for how to do things, like add in products, boost your SEO, best practices and more. Oh, and you can always ask me a question. You’ll know exactly how to use your website so that it helps your business!

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Build a New Custom Website

How Your Website Will Be Built

The process of creating a custom new website can take a while. There are a lot of steps in that process so that you get exactly what you want and need. Here are the steps I take in my process to help design and build the best website possible for you.

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Signing the Contract

If we agree to work together, I’ll work on getting a contract drafted. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of legal work. This will basically outline the timeline for the project, who will do what, how much this will cost and the payment structure.

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Designing the Website

Once I’ve learned about what you want your website to have, I’ll get to work designing the website. I’ll take in branding, text, images and make sure that it provides a top-notch user experience. And you’ll have a chance to review it so that it looks just how you want it.

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Adding the Content

Content is important for every website. As the website is designed and built, you’ll need to supply the content — copy, images and videos (if there are any). I’ll add it into the website so that you can really see what the website will look like.

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Launching the Website

Finally, when we’re all ready to go, your website will go live. And you will only need to provide your web hosting and domain information. I’ll take care of the technical stuff. You can just sit back and relax.

Website Types

What Website You Can Create for Your Business

With a custom website design, you can build basically any type of website you can think of. Whether it’s a basic brochure website, an online store, a website to get leads, creating a client portal, building a community on a website or anything in between, I can help you make it a reality.

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Brochure Website

The most important thing a website can do is help people know that your business exists. You can get found through Google searches, and you have a place to point people if they want to learn more about your business. I’ll help you design and create a simple website that gets your business online and explains what you do and how you can help people.

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Online Store

Selling online is all the rage these days. It allows you to reach a wider audience than those in your local area. And with the larger potential customer pool comes the chance of increasing sales. But creating an online store can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. A new custom website design will allow you to start selling online without the hassle of setting up a store and manually adding all of your products. I’ll take care of that. You can focus on getting more sales through your website.

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Lead Generation Website

If you run a services business, you’re probably not selling products online. But you should be generating leads through your website. With a custom website design, you can create a website where you show people what you can do and generate potential leads. We’ll work together to craft great landing pages for each of your services and get you going with a CRM to keep up with your leads and customers. It’s the perfect way to generate more business through the internet.

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Newspaper or Magazine Website

Looking to create a website that covers your local area’s news or covers an industry you’re interested in? Want to make a website that looks just like or even better than a newspaper’s website? A custom website design can help you out with that. I’ll work to find a design that matches what you need and help you get started with how to use it and how to create articles. You’ll be well on your way to providing great coverage for whatever you choose.

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Community or Membership Website

Maybe your business is about having memberships to see various content or to be a part of the community. Maybe you’re looking for an alternative to Patreon where you’re in complete control of everything. A custom website design can help you build just that. I will build out the membership website you want with the design that matches what you need. You’ll just need to focus on creating great content and growing your own brand!

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Non-profit Website

Every organization needs to have a website. It’s something that can help you get found, it’s how you can share information about your organization and it can be a place for people to talk about your organization, charity or cause. And you can even take donations through your website. A custom website design will help your organization get online with a great website and set you up to create a community and even start taking donations with an easy to use portal.

Other Features

What Your Website Will Have

No matter what type of website you want to build, your site will include these items to make it the best website possible.


Security is paramount for every website. And you won’t have to worry about the security of your website. I will set things up so that your website is as hardened as possible. Plus, you will be able to select a WordPress Website Care plan that will add in even more security features to your website.

Responsive Design

This should go without saying, but your new web design will be responsive. That means it will look good (and contain the same information) no matter if the user is browsing your site on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. You can reach them all.

Analytics Setup

In order to know if your website is working, you need to use analytics to track data. I’ll get you started with Google Analytics and Search Console and walk you through how to use them so that you can see what pages people are going to as well as how people are finding your website and more.

Hosting and Managed Updates

Never worry about website hosting again with the website starter kit. Your website will be built on WP Engine, one of the best web hosts out there. That means you’ll never have to worry about your website being down or running into security issues. Plus, I’ll manage all of the WordPress core, plugin and theme updates. All you’ll have to worry about is running and growing your business!


Previous Websites I’ve Built for Others

Take a look at what I’ve designed and built for other clients to see what I can do for your business or organization.


What Others Have Said

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what other people have said about my work in the past.


I am extremely fortunate to have gotten to meet and work with Jacob. He takes my web designs and brings them to life on the internet. He is very professional, knows his stuff, and delivers an outstanding product that is on-time and within budget. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. Small sites or large sites Jacob can do them all.

Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson Graphic Design


I have hired Jacob on many occasions for WordPress website development projects. Jacob is a professional, he communicates well, and delivers what is promised in a timely manner. I highly recommend him for your next WordPress project.

Christopher Harris

Faith Growth, Inc.

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