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Determining if your small business needs a new website

Small Business, Website Planning

It can be challenging to figure out if your small business needs a new website. And it’s no small decision. So here are some questions to help you out.

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Man working on a laptop on a wooden desk with a tablet and desktop computer
  • iMac sitting on a wooden table displaying the WordPress Block Pattern Directory homepage

    What are WordPress block patterns and how can you use them for your website?


    Block patterns are a really cool addition to the block and full site editors in WordPress. Let’s take a deeper dive into what they are and how you can use them for your website.

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  • Person frustrated with a WordPress website

    Top 10 mistakes website owners make with their WordPress websites

    Creating a website can be a challenge. But what might be harder (and what people might not think much about) is managing that WordPress website that you created. Here are some of the top mistakes people make with their websites.

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  • imac sitting on a desk in a meeting room showing the WordPress 6.0 About page

    What you can expect with WordPress 6.0

    WordPress 6.0 is just around the corner. The latest release brings with it new features and improvements to the block editor and full site editor. So let’s take a dive into what you can expect when it’s released.

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  • a laptop sitting on a wooden desk showing the homepage of a portfolio website on the screen

    Creating my website with full site editing (and ACF Blocks)

    Full site editing has been in WordPress core for a while now, so I decided to give it a shot on my website. Let’s see how that experience went for me.

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  • woman working on a laptop on a park table with the full site editor on the screen

    Personal wishes for full site editing and block themes


    Full site editing is in core, but there are a few pain points that I (as well as others) have discovered since its release. Here are a few things that I would like to see ironed out for WordPress 6.0.

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  • Monthly calendar notebook opened on a wooden table

    The 9 best calendar plugins for a WordPress websites


    If you’re looking to show events on your WordPress website, you’re probably searching for the perfect calendar plugin. Here are some suggestions that might be the one that takes your website to the next level.

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  • Woman typing on a laptop with the site editor on the screen in a coffee shop

    WordPress full site editing for small businesses


    WordPress 5.9 brings full site editing completely into core, allowing users to customize every part of their website. So let’s take a look at what it means for small business websites.

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  • Screenshot of the TwentyTwentyTwo theme homepage

    Taking a look at the TwentyTwentyTwo WordPress theme


    With WordPress 5.9 we are also getting a new default theme: TwentyTwentyTwo. Let’s take a look at what is most likely the most customizable WordPress default theme (and a great example of full site editing).

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  • Screenshot of the WordPress 5.9 about page in the dashboard area

    What to expect with WordPress 5.9

    After a month-plus delay, WordPress 5.9 is finally about to arrive. And the biggest feature that’s coming is full site editing. So let’s see what you can expect when WordPress 5.9 is released on January 25.

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  • The Frost WP WordPress block theme homepage on an iMac screen sitting on a wooden desk

    Beginning a journey through full site editing and block themes

    With full site editing coming into WordPress core with WP 5.9, I think it’s time that I take a full dive into creating FSE and block themes. I hope what I find is an exciting future for WordPress.

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  • man in business suit writing into a notebook next to a window at a coffee shop

    A business update for 2022

    It’s a new year and a time for new beginnings. Here’s what you can expect from the business and this website over the course of 2022.

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  • three people looking at a physical map of a city

    Introducing the JM Simple Small Business Local SEO WordPress plugin

    Local SEO is key for every small business. So I’ve created the JM Simple Small Business Local SEO plugin to help you add the right Local SEO schema to your website to get found in “near me” searches.

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