Whether you’re looking for help getting your business online quickly and affordably, want a custom design for your website, tools to build your site on your own terms or anything in between, I can help you get what you need. Check out the services below to find what you might need help with!

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Creating a website for your business can take a lot of time and money. And that might not be something you have a lot of for your business, and that’s perfectly fine.

The Small Business Website Starter Kit is designed specifically for this scenario. I’ll walk with you to pick a template that matches what you want for your business. Then I’ll set up the website with your content and make slight adjustments to make it picture perfect.

And in under two weeks, your business will be online with a professionally built website that’s designed to help your business in today’s digital world. And all of it will come at a price that will more than fit your budget!

  • A WordPress Website for Your Business Built in Under Two Weeks
  • Build Any Type of Website You Need (Brochure, Online Store, Community, Non-proift or Organization Website, Magazine/Newspaper Website or Membership Website)
  • Prices Start at $899 and are Designed to Fit Your Budget
  • Choose a Design That Fits Your Business
  • Choose a Design That Fits Your Business
  • Focus on Getting Your Business Online
  • Options For Growth
  • Post-launch Website Care Plans
  • Great Way to Get Your Business Online Today!
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A custom website design can give your business a boost in the online world. A design tailored for your business can stand out from the crowded digital sea of other websites in your industry. And it can inject a little energy into your business.

With a custom website design package, you’ll get a design that is built specifically for your business. I’ll take my time learning about your business and what you want and need for your website to craft the perfect solution that will help your business grow.

It’s the perfect way to help your business stand out more!

  • Completely Custom Website Design Built Specifically for Your Business
  • Build Any Type of Website You Need (Brochure, Online Store, Community, Nonprofit or Organization Website, Magazine/Newspaper Website or Membership Website)
  • Get Everything You Want and Need for Your Website
  • Create a Website That Will Help Your Business Grow
  • Stand Out from the Crowded Online World
  • Live Training After Launch
  • Post-launch Website Care Plans
  • Performance, SEO and Accessibility Focused
Screenshots of the homepages from the Crosswinds Framework child theme demo sites

Want to build your new website yourself? Then you’ll want to use the Crosswinds Framework. The Framework comes with the Crosswinds Blocks plugin, which adds in a suite of blocks for you to use, as well as the Crosswinds Framework base theme. Together, they will help you upgrade your WordPress site editor experience, where you can build your entire website right from your dashboard — no code required.

And you can choose from one of the niche child themes to get started even quicker. And the built in Onboarding Wizard will have you up and running with your website in almost no time at all.

It’s the perfect way to create your website yourself with the WordPress site editor!

  • Unlocks the WordPress Site Editor Tools
  • Over 25 Blocks to Improve the WordPress Site Editing Experience
  • Onboarding Process to Help You Get Started
  • Base Block Theme That Allows You To Build Anything You Need
  • Niche Child Themes to Help You Get Started Even Faster
two computer monitors displaying code with a keyboard in the foreground all sitting in a dark room with orange lighting in the background

WordPress websites are great. They are easy to build. There are thousands of plugins that help you add any functionality you need for your website. There are a plethora of themes you can use to give your website a great design. And the new site editor tools allow you to customize your entire website right from your dashboard.

But managing the technical aspects of your WordPress website is a hassle. There are updates that you need to run. Also, there’s the chance that something breaks on your website. And, of course, there are always security concerns.

The WordPress Website Care plans take this hassle away from you. I will run the updates, make sure your site’s security is as good as it can be, make any small changes you need and make any emergency fixes so that your website is always up and running. It’s like having a personal chief technical officer for your website!

  • Managed WordPress Core, Plugin and Theme Updates
  • Top-of-the-line Web Hosting
  • Certain Amount of Hours of Changes to Your Website
  • Emergency Fixes
  • Security Hardening
  • Website Optimization
  • Analytics Reporting
  • SEO Help
  • Ecommerce Optimization
An iMac on a wooden desk displaying designs for a website

Do you have a great idea for a WordPress product but need help turning your idea into a reality? Or do you need help at your agency creating spectacular websites for your clients? I would love to help you out and deliver fantastic products and websites.

  • Help Creating WordPress Plugins and Themes
  • Front End Design
  • Front End Development
  • Backend Development
  • Creating Ecommerce Websites
  • High-quality Work
  • Accessibility Focus
  • On-time Work