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You can find all the tools you need to help your business in today’s digital world, whether you’re looking to build a website for your business, trying to grow your website or business or want to learn more about how a website can help your business.

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You can find all the tools you need to build your website, whether you’re just looking for the perfect WordPress plugin or theme to add to your site or need someone to help you create it.

Get Your Business Online in Less Than Two Weeks!

Every business needs a website. But every business’ needs for a website is different. The Small Business Website Starter Kit was created to help deliver a website that meets your business’ needs. Whether you need to build an online store, want to create a community website, need to generate leads through your website or just need a website to let people know that your business exists, the website starter kit will deliver the website that you need quickly and at an affordable price!

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Portafoglio WordPress Portfolio Theme

Portafoglio is a modern, sleek and flexible WordPress block theme built to help you create an amazing portfolio website. The theme comes with multiple style variations, over 100 block patterns, customizable headers and footers and an adaptable portfolio post type to help you showcase your best work — no matter if you’re a writer, photographer, designer, videographer or just want to create a personal website.

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Easily show a specific post or other custom post type on a page and customize how it looks.

What type of plugins & themes are you looking for?


Websites aren’t static things that you just set and then forget. Instead they need to be actively managed and maintained so that it helps your business. Here you’ll find tools that can help your established website (and business) grow.

Take Care of Your WordPress Website

WordPress is a great platform to build a website and manage your content. But managing the technical side can be a challenge — from running updates to checking your security to accessibility fixes and so much more. So use a WordPress Website Care plan that will not only host your website but also take the technical hassle away from you. All you need to do is worry about running your website and business.

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When it comes to websites and marketing your business online, there is a lot to learn about — from WordPress to how to create a website to using Google website tools and so much more. And there a blog posts, videos and other resources here — completely free — for you to use to help your business grow online!

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Creating a New Website for Your Business

There’s a lot that goes into creating a new website for your business. From figuring if you need a new website to figuring out just how to build it (do you go it alone or hire an agency or developer). It gets complicated pretty quickly.

So let’s go through all that you need to do to build the perfect site.

What’s Included

  • Why Businesses Need to Have a Website
  • Determining if your small business needs a new website
  • Planning for your new small business website
  • The Cost of a Website (and how to lower it)
  • The different website options to build your new site
  • Where to find a web agency or developer
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Learning How to Use WordPress

WordPress currently powers over a third of the internet, according to W3Techs, and that number only continues to climb. So if you’re creating a new website, the chances you’re going to use WordPress are pretty high.

So let’s talk about WordPress, what it is and how you can use it to create and maintain a great website.

What’s Included

  • vs.
  • Best website hosting for WordPress in 2022
  • Navigating the WordPress Plugin and Theme Directories
  • Gutenberg and small business websites
  • Properly Updating Your WordPress Website
  • How to create a child theme for your WordPress website
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Understanding Website Accessibility

Web accessibility is the process of making sure your website is able to be accessed by everyone no matter whether they use a mouse, keyboard, screen reader or some other technology to browse the web.

This journey will help you learn more about accessibility and what you can do to make sure everyone can use your website.

What’s Included

  • Why Website Accessibility Matters
  • Think about website accessibility from the start
  • How alternative text, heading structure and color contrast help accessibility
  • A look at some web accessibility guideline
  • How to make sure your content is accessible
  • Six accessibility fixes you can make to your website today

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Story Lines updated to version 2.1

Story Lines

After a two-year break, the Story Lines WordPress plugin has been updated to make the block better for your website. Also, there’s a plan for updating the block this year.

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Portafoglio 1.1 released today


Portafoglio 1.1 is now available for purchase and updating! This release brings a handful of fixes and several new features to the theme to help it be a great option for creating a portfolio website for yourself. So let’s dive into what’s new with Portafoglio 1.1.

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Learn More About My Passion

Storytelling has always been a passion of mine. I’ve always loved seeing how people went about telling stories as well as the subjects their stories were always about. And then I loved the challenge of trying to do that myself.

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My Previous Work

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St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church

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Homepage of Kelly Patterson Graphic Design

Kelly Patterson Graphic Design

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