Anatomy of a Landing Page

Landing pages are crucial to any website and business’ online operations. If you run an online store, you might have a landing page for the sale you’re having right now. Or you could even think of your product pages as individual landing pages. And if you sell services, you’re going to have at least one landing page where people can sign up to learn more about what you do or to sign up for a call/meeting.

Getting the look and design of a landing page just right is imperative for your success. So to help you with that, here’s a helpful graphic to show you what the different elements of a landing page are and a brief explanation about how they help the page and ultimately, people convert into customers or clients.

So download this guide today and start crafting the perfect landing pages to increase your online conversions.

Anatomy of a Landing Page: Header, Hero Section, Headline, Call to Action Buttons, Body Copy, Features, Lead Generation Form, Footer