Parijo Pools

Client: Parijo Pools
Date: January 16, 2020
Category: Custom Web Design

Home page for Parijo Pools

Parijo Pools needed a website. With the way people find solutions on the internet, the Arlington company needed an online presence for people to find them.

They reached out to Graphic Design Resources for a website design, which they got. But the two needed someone to build the website.

Fortunately, I knew Dayton Sorem, the owner of GDR, and was able to step in and create online what had been worked up on paper.

The build itself wasn’t too much of a challenge. The two biggest issues were getting the layout to work just right with regard to the positioning of the main content and the header image and making sure the website still loaded quickly with the big images.

The first was handled pretty easily with CSS margins and also reverting things back to normal for tablet and mobile sizes. The second was handled by using Photoshop to compress the images and then using a part of the build process from WP Rig to compress them even further.

The launch of the website went off without a hitch, and Parijo Pools now has a website of its own and GDR has another happy customer.