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The start of what will be a very, very long process: building a WordPress theme


So I’ve finally decided that I’m going to tackle the beast. That beast just so happens to be creating a WordPress theme and successfully getting it into the WordPress Theme Directory.

I have learned from prior experiences that that is no easy task, but I can also say that I’ve learned a lot since then and maybe this time around I will find more success.

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  • Woman looking at iMac screen about page speed for her site

    Keeping your website speed quick without paying too much


    Time is money. And if your website is taking a long time to load for viewers, that’s money you could be losing out on. So here are some ways to keep your site fast without paying tons of money.

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  • glowing gold key hovering over a hand

    How to secure your WordPress website


    Website security is a pretty important topic these days, especially with all of the threats. And it’s even more important if you have a WordPress website. So here are some steps you can take to secure your website.

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  • Being careful with your blocks

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    It’s almost been a year since the new Gutenberg editor was rolled into WordPress core. It’s led to an explosion of cool blocks. But you need to be careful when installing them.

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    Plugins in the WordPress directory finally updated

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    After nearly a year break, I’ve updated each of the four main plugins I have in the WordPress plugin directory. Sorry about the wait.

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