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The WP Rig homepage on a laptop screen

Developing with WP Rig

If you're looking for a great starter theme to build your next WordPress theme on, you might want to check out WP Rig. It's got everything a developer could want.

The WordPress Plugin directory screen on a laptop

Plugins in the WordPress directory finally updated

After nearly a year break, I've updated each of the four main plugins I have in the WordPress plugin directory. Sorry about the wait.

person looking at the wordpress website on an imac computer screen

Understanding the difference between and .com

So you want to create a website with WordPress. But you see both a .org and a .com domain. Which one are you supposed to use? So glad you asked.

WordPress 5.2 Development Cycle webpage on a laptop screen

What to expect with WordPress 5.2

WordPress 5.2 is right around the corner. So what's will be new for your website when the latest version is released?

screenshot of the support page on a laptop on a white table

Where to get WordPress help

Something has gone wrong with your website. People can't get to it, and you're losing money. So what do you do? Here are some places to get help with your WordPress website.

Person looking at laptop showing Gutenberg editor with custom ACF block

Creating Gutenberg blocks with Advanced Custom Fields

Playing with Gutenberg can be fun. But creating blocks in JavaScript can be tough. But ACF will be giving developers help in the future.

A room full of computer servers

Best website hosting for WordPress in 2020

A web host is one of the most important choices you'll make when setting up a website, especially if you sell products online. So here are some recommendations for the best hosting.

WordPress 5.0 welcome screen

After WordPress 5.0 everyone needs to take a breath

WordPress 5.0 came out last week and was met with almost every emotion under the sun. There's at least a bit of a divide in the community. So now what?

A laptop screen showing code for a PHP class

Object-oriented programming in a Gutenberg world

So now that we know why object-oriented programming might be good for your next WordPress plugin, let's try it with a plugin that creates custom Gutenberg blocks.

A laptop screen showing code for a PHP class

Object-oriented programming in WordPress plugins

Creating a WordPress plugin is pretty simple. It's just another functions.php file, right? But what if you tried creating a plugin with object-oriented programming.

A screenshot of the Gutenberg editor in WordPress

Patience will be needed with Gutenberg

Gutenberg continues to be a divisive topic inside the WordPress sphere. But as you begin to try out the new editor, heed this advice: be patient.