The new Gutenberg editor in WordPress

More thoughts on the Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg is coming whenever WordPress 5.0 is released. It’s come a long way from when it was released as a plugin last year. Like everyone else, I have thoughts on the new editor.

Changing a shortcode to a dynamic Gutenberg block

Gutenberg is coming, and it will shake up the ecosystem. One of the biggest changes will come with shortcodes, since the TinyMCE editor will be no more. But it’s pretty easy to turn shortcodes into the blocks with dynamic blocks.

Adding filter and action hooks to your WordPress plugin

WordPress is known for its customizations, but sometimes as plugin or theme developer, it can be tricky to figure out how to let your users add in customizations. That’s where filters and hooks come into play.

Why you should create a webpage for your WordPress plugin

A dedicated webpage for your WordPress plugin gives you more credibility in the flooded plugin market and give your users a place to get help. So why haven’t you created a page for your plugin?

Why you should create a webpage for your WordPress theme

If you have a WordPress theme, whether or not it’s in the theme directory, you need to have a dedicated webpage for that theme.

How to add a WordPress admin page to add data to a custom table

So you have a custom table, but how do you get data in there the WordPress way? This tutorial shows you how to create an admin page and insert data into that table.

How to create a custom table in WordPress and why

WordPress comes with a number of basic tables created in your site’s database. But sometimes those tables aren’t quite enough. And sometimes a custom table is needed.

Why you should create a theme for the WordPress theme directory

If you have a goal of getting better at web development, there’s no better way to accomplish that by creating a WordPress theme for the directory.

A simple guide to adding a WP REST API controller

The WP REST API is still a hot item in WordPress core. And this tutorial will show you how easy it is to make your own REST API endpoint for your plugin and custom data.

Why you should be commenting your code, even if you’re the only contributor

Comments in code can be a lifesaver. But if you’re working on a solo project, you might feel the pull to not comment your code. You would be wrong.

What I learned in a year with Sports Bench

It’s been about a year since I released Sports Bench, a plugin/theme package that keeps track of sports stats for your league. So what have I learned in the last year with it?

Theme checklist before submitting to the WordPress theme directory

If you have a theme that you’re wanting to submit to the WordPress theme directory, make sure to run through this list to make the review process quicker.