Getting started with a new theme

So the last month or so has been a down period for me and WordPress. After sending off the initial version of Giornalismo and the 2.0 release of Nuovo, I haven’t been doing much work in developing on WordPress.

Now, that’s not inherently a bad thing. For one, I kinda needed some time away from WordPress development outside of work after several months of spending so much time with it. That and, as I touched on Monday, WordPress 4.3 was coming out and I wanted to wait until that came out to begin developing again.

But now the new release of WordPress is out and with the start of my senior year of classes, I’m back at the development again.

This time, I’m trying something new with the development. In my web development job, we’ve started to use the Foundation framework, which makes it easier to create sites, especially when it comes to responsive design, so I’ve incorporated that into a base Starter Theme directory. This was with the help of JointsWP, which is a Foundation framework based around WordPress. So with a little tweaking from that, I have a base to start all of my future WordPress themes from, which should make the creating process easier.

As for what I’m about to start developing, I’m in the design stages of a new photo theme, which I have no name for yet. It will be very photo heavy, with a ton of feature photos and other photos in general. It’ll be very centered around photo bloggers and possibly long form writers.

And the goal is that this is hopefully the best theme I’ve ever put out. Hopefully.

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