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The plan after a break from WordPress

It’s been a long three-plus months. My final fall semester in college was everything that I could handle… and then some.

The workload forced me to stop any personal WordPress development away from my development internship. I had no chance to design, plan or develop any new WordPress themes. That’s fine by me though. I finished up Fotographia and shipped it off to the WordPress Theme Directory for review back in October and am still waiting for its initial review.

But the semester is finally over for me and with it an opportunity to get back into developing in WordPress.

The plan for the winter break is to first learn more about WordPress 4.4. None of the themes I’ve created have issues with the new version, but I would still like to study the new features every further.

The second item is to design and develop a better theme for my portfolio. I like the idea I had back in August, but I think taking some more time to think about the design and using the Foundation framework will result in a better and quicker functioning site.

After that it’s on to starting designs and development on a video WordPress theme, which might be the biggest I’ve done for a theme directory theme.

It’s a lot, but I’m back in the game.

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