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Getting better quality on Upwork

Hiring on Upwork for web developers and designers can be hit or miss. You either get the right person or people who don't really fit. But there are ways that you can attract better applicants for your job posting.

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What to check for when looking over the website

So your website is just about ready to go live. You like the design, it's been developed and the content is in. So what's next? Check the design again.

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Self-developing a website vs. hiring a developer

Should you create a website yourself or hire a developer to building it? It's a great question with no real right answer. Only what works for you.

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Where to find a developer for your website

Once you've got the plan for your small business website down, it's time find a web developer to build it. But where to start your search?

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What to look for in a web agency or developer for your small business website

So you've decided to hire a web agency or developer to create your new website. Great! But which one you pick could make or break this website. So here are somethings to look for to make the right decision.

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Why you should always focus on the basics when starting web development

There are so many web development frameworks that it can be difficult to figure out where you should start. But the basics are always the right place to begin learning.