iMac showing the homepage for StudioPress

The value of using a pre-built theme for your website

So maybe you want a new website for your small business in 2019, but don’t have the resources for a custom theme. Using a pre-built theme is the next best option.

ExtraPress Gutenberg theme

What I’ve learned so far in developing a theme suited for Gutenberg

Recently I started creating a premium WordPress theme that relies a lot on Gutenberg with the idea of having it ready when it’s rolled into core. So here are a few thoughts on developing a theme for the new editor.

Should Gutenberg blocks be in plugins or themes?

Gutenberg is still going through the finishing stages before it’s released in WordPress core. But there’s still a question about Gutenberg blocks that I’m not really seeing anyone answer. Should blocks be placed in plugins or themes?

Why you should create a webpage for your WordPress theme

If you have a WordPress theme, whether or not it’s in the theme directory, you need to have a dedicated webpage for that theme.

Why you should create a theme for the WordPress theme directory

If you have a goal of getting better at web development, there’s no better way to accomplish that by creating a WordPress theme for the directory.

What I learned in a year with Sports Bench

It’s been about a year since I released Sports Bench, a plugin/theme package that keeps track of sports stats for your league. So what have I learned in the last year with it?

Theme checklist before submitting to the WordPress theme directory

If you have a theme that you’re wanting to submit to the WordPress theme directory, make sure to run through this list to make the review process quicker.

Why you should be packaging a functionality plugin with your premium theme

If you’re going to be selling a WordPress theme with cool features, please make sure to move those features into a functionality plugin to go with the theme. Your customers will appreciate you even more.

What to look for in a theme

Are you looking to purchase a theme for your personal or business website? You need to do some research before making the final purchase.

Why my WP REST theme won’t be in the directory … yet

My new daily blog WordPress theme, Quotidiano, is ready to be released. But considering it utilizes the WP REST API and the lack of knowledge of what it takes to get that kind of theme through the review process, I’m holding off on moving it to the theme directory for the time being.

Sports Bench Homepage

Ready to release Sports Bench to the wild

Well, it’s finally here. I’ve finished up development on the premium WordPress sports package I’ve worked on since May and it’s time to release it to the public. Now it’s time to work on some other things.

Wrapping up main development with premium sports theme/plugin combo

Roughly two months after getting started, I’ve finished the bulk of the development on the premium sports WordPress theme/plugin package. Now with all of the heavy lifting out of the way, it’s time for testing and getting it ready for distribution.