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Screenshot of the Gutenberg Add Blocks popover

Should Gutenberg blocks be in plugins or themes?


Gutenberg is still going through the finishing stages before it's released in WordPress core. But there's still a question about Gutenberg blocks that I'm not really seeing anyone answer. Should blocks be placed in plugins or themes?

Computer screen with the Giornalismo homepage

Juggling two themes at once

Giornalismo, Nuovo

To say things have been a bit slow in trying to clean up and fix up the Nuovo theme might be a bit of an understatement. While I finally got rid of the vast majority of HTML markup on the homepage, doing that for the rest of the templates has been much more slow going. The biggest reason is that I've just been busy with other things--including getting ready to head back to Austin and the web design job I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

Computer screen with the Nuovo homepage

Now the waiting game begins

Giornalismo, Nuovo

So a little after posting last week's update on the Nuovo theme, I finally really reached the point where it wasn't really worth getting into the super fine details of cleaning up the theme and decided to test the waters of the WordPress Theme Review and see what happens. And now the waiting games begin.

Computer screen with the Giornalismo homepage

Still waiting and still creating mock ups

Giornalismo, Nuovo

So the news on the Nuovo Theme is that there's no news. It hasn't been reviewed yet, although it seems to be in good company as there are many more themes as old if not older that have yet to be touched by the WordPress theme reviewers, which is understandable given the scope of how many themes need reviewing.