And it goes on and on and on

So my suspicions with how easy it would be to fix the errors found in Nuovo in the theme review turned out to be correct. The biggest issue, the errors being kicked back when no options were saved in the theme options, wasn’t that hard of a problem to fix. For the text input, all that was needed was a simple if statement using the built-in function “isset” to display what’s in the option if there is something. For the check boxes and select menus, I had to write a small function, again using “isset”, to get those error messages to go away.

Simply put “isset” and it’s variations among the various programming language is a very powerful and useful function.

So with those issues out of the way, I’m just waiting to hear back on how to resubmit the theme for review. The person who reviewed it said I would have to get through the SVN, but was wanting to check with the WordPress folks to make sure. I haven’t heard back, but I’m not exactly in any hurry.

As for Giornalismo, I’ve started to really pound away at it. I just finished the single post template which was a bit more of a challenge compared to Nuovo only because there’s more information with author info, related posts and posts from that category. I feel confident that the next segment, the templates for the author page, archive page, index page, etc., will go much quicker, especially since those templates are all just variations of each other.