Computer screen with the Nuovo homepage

Needing to fix Nuovo for theme directory

So there’s good news, pretty good news and bad news with the Nuovo theme.

First, the good news is is that it was finally reviewed for the WordPress Theme Directory after six weeks of waiting around. I’m not going to lie, I was a good bit nervous when I got an email saying someone was reviewing the theme. The last time this had happened, it came back an absolute dud.

But the pretty good news is that it came back fairly well. There were issues, as always, but it made it mostly past the process and wasn’t torn apart into shreds, which was my biggest fear going in.

Of course, now for the bad news, which is that there are issues that have to be fix and one big fix. The biggest issue is the theme options page and more specifically, when none of the theme options are saved. I’m getting a number of errors and trying to fix them all will be a big undertaking. So big, I might have to completely redo the theme options page, though that’s the last resort.

But still with the good news, is that the other couple of errors were easy fixes and some stupid stuff I accidentally missed in editing. And there are a few recommended, but not required, errors I’ll fix as well in the process.

I guess it goes without saying that Giornalismo will be put to the back burner for a bit, though I’ll continue to work at that piece-by-piece a little but going forward.

But for now, everything is pointed towards getting Nuovo fixed up and polished for the WordPress Theme Directory.

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