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Nuovo theme update: getting down to the tricky part

Two days in to getting down to business and so far it’s been pretty smooth sailing. But then again, all I really got done was the header and footer templates, the CSS that goes along with that and some functions put into the function.php file.

Now I get into the really fun stuff.

This week I’m hoping to get into the real meat of theme making. I’m planning on at least getting the home.php file done and hopefully starting the single post template. The good news is that Christmas is this week, which means that I should have ample time to sit down and knock these two things out.

As far as what it will all hopefully look like, there will be a top stories slider, which will display the post’s featured photo on one half of the slide and the title, author byline, date, comments, and the first 100 words or so of the post. Below that will be an area for the user to display three posts from three to four categories and then I’m thinking about putting the last ten posts no matter what below that.

As far as the single post template, I haven’t quite given it much thought yet. I have a general idea of what it could look like, but I’ll hammer that out after I finish the home template. That’s priority number one anyway.

At this rate, hopefully I’ll be done with the desktop template before I go back for the spring semester and hopefully can be done testing that part out by the end of January. Things are starting to look good for Nuovo.

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