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Hurdles cleared to get started on ‘Nuovo’ WordPress theme

Roughly two months or so after I kind of got started on developing a WordPress theme for the WordPress theme directory, I’m ready to get serious about starting to create this theme thanks to the final hurdle cleared to begin the build.

Thursday, I finally finished a massive update to the theme I use for my arena football site, mainly on the mobile side of the theme. Included in this update was what will be a big part of the mobile part of this new WordPress theme. I want to keep this new theme’s homepage relatively the same from desktop to tablet to mobile. I plan to have an option to show three or four different categories on the homepage as well as the top stories slider. That’s not too hard to accomplish on desktop and tablet, but it gets tricky to keep everything compact on mobile.

That’s where iSwiper steps in. I found this jQuery plugin after an extensive search. It allows developers to make areas for users to swipe. Click here to learn more about it. But the best part about it is that I can use that to show posts and keep the length of the page relatively short. On the mobile side of things, the plan now will be to have those three or four categories with three posts each that will be scroll horizontally. It’s cool, trust me.

That was the toughest part of this upgrade for my arena football site and now that it’s over, I can focus on “Nuovo”, the name of the eventual WordPress theme. I’ll be starting with the desktop and work my down to the tablet and mobile versions. It goes against the advice usually given, but I feel more comfortable going this way for the time being.

I hopefully will be posting updates here regularly. It’s going to be a lengthy process with school and what not, especially once the AFL season gets going, but it will happen.

In the meantime, check out the latest update to my blog theme here (you’ll have to be on a mobile device to see the mobile version) or look at the photos below.

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