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Good news for both themes

So there’s a lot of good news with the two themes I have right now.

First off, Nuovo took another step closer to getting into the WordPress theme directory. A couple of weeks ago, it got initial approval from the guy who first reviewed. Now it’s listed as an “approved theme” and is waiting for a second review before officially going into the the directory. I feel so close, but yet so far away with this. I would also like to thank reviewer Jonnyauk for doing a really good job with the review and being very helpful during the process.

Now for Giornalismo. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy for the two weeks prior to this past week and wasn’t able to really get any work in on the theme. Now that I have some time, the plan is to get the theme formatted for tablets and then move on to mobile before working on other features such as breaking news and possibly ads.

I am also trying out using GitHub for version control with the two themes, for what it’s worth. I need to figure out how GitHub, and Git and version control in general, works, so what better way to learn than to use it with something simple. That being said, it seems like it works much better with multi-author themes and coding project than a single author project, but at least I have a back up in case anything happens.

Here are some screenshot of what Giornalismo looks like now.

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