Computer screen with the Giornalismo homepage

Taking things one item at a time

After a pretty successful week last week with Giormalismo, this week wasn’t quite as great, but then again I had a lot going on this week.

Still, I finally managed to get the tablet styles for the home.php template finished and looking relatively good. My original plan was to have the third column moved below the two main columns and using :nth-child(even/odd) essentially divide up the third column to almost look like the top two columns; however, unfortunately with the differing heights on the stories, sometimes the next story can’t actually float right or left correctly and then there’s a whole bunch of white space that’s really annoying.

So in the meantime, I’ve just gone ahead and made the third column essentially full width like the top stories section and we’ll see how much I like/dislike it before changing it again.

As for what’s coming up next, I plan on moving on to the single post template next and fixing that stuff, though I’m thinking that shouldn’t be too hard and then working my way through the next templates from there.


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