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Road block for Nuovo

So Nuovo was almost home free. After getting initial approval by the first reviewer, the thought was that the second and final round would be quick and painless and that it would be put up on the WordPress Theme directory relatively soon.

Except that the second review brought up a few more issues that have to be fixed before it can be accepted into the theme directory.

Initially taken aback by the issues that the second reviewer brought up, after looking at the issues in more detail, I don’t think that it will be too much to do. Most, if not all, of the issues that were brought up dealt with the header and correctly calling functions and scripts and styles the way WordPress wants them to be called. So the only hard part is figuring out which WordPress functions and hooks do that. There was also a suggestion to get rid of the tablet and mobile templates, likely to speed up load time for blogs that would run the theme, which after some thought I agree with, though I wouldn’t let that hang up the theme if it turns out to be harder than what I think it will be. If that happens, I would just include it on a theme update.

As for Giornalismo, things are really starting to come together with that. I’m still working on the mobile version of the site with the only hang up being the main menu which I’m trying to make a swiper similar to what I’ve done with the homepage for Nuovo on the mobile version. With the end school for the semester last week and the new issues with Nuovo, I haven’t spent as much time with that, but I should be able to finish up the mobile version sometime in the next week.

But first and foremost, the thought is to fix those issues with Nuovo and hopefully get it into the theme directory by the end of January.

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