Computer screen with the Giornalismo homepage

Done with the designs, now onto the production

So even with the busy and crazy schedule I have now with college starting up again and essentially three jobs to juggle, I’ve found the time to finish off the mobile designs for Giornalismo (not that’s anything too hard given the fact that I need only one design per template).

But with that done, it’s now time to the most fun part of the build, and I say that sincerely: the coding. Now that I have a pretty good, yet still rough, visual idea of what I want it to look like once all of the pieces are put together. And besides, creating something with words is what I like to do the best.

This likely will be a tougher and longer build than what I had with Nuovo for many reasons. First, it’s a bit of a more complicated theme. The style.css is going to be a lot more detailed and cover everything from tables to clearings to the layouts. Second, I don’t have quite as much free time anymore.

Still, I’m really looking forward to this. I plan on using HTML5 and CSS3, which I’m relearning so I can clean up my code, and WordPress 4.0 came out yesterday. This is going to be fun.

And one update on Nuovo: there’s no news, which I guess is a good thing. No one’s reviewed yet, though I’m in good company. I’ll tackle any of those issues when they (hopefully) arise.

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