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Want to show a specific blog post or other custom post type item on a page? The Featured Content Block allows you to select a specific post and display it on the page how you want it to look!

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Show a specific post

The query loop block is great, but it doesn’t allow you to select a specific post to show. The Featured Content Block allows you to select a specific post or item in a custom post type that you can show on a page. Want to highlight a specific post on your homepage? You can do that no problem!

Customize the way the post looks

You can also customize the way the post looks inside the block. You can select from any of the post template blocks that you can use with the query loop block. Want to show the post’s featured image, just use that block inside the Featured Content Block! You control the way your posts look.

Utilize different block patterns

Want to use something that’s a little bit more plugin and play? The plugin also comes with a variety of block patterns that allow you to simply select the post you want to highlight and the pattern shows the content automatically. It’s the quickest way to highlight a post inside your page!

What It Looks Like

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