Get your website ready for the holidays!

The time to start thinking about your website for the holidays is now.

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96 Days
until November 29

The time to think about your website and online store for the holidays isn’t the week before Thanksgiving or Black Friday. It’s now. By starting now, you give yourself to properly prepare and get it right.

If you’re wanting or needing a new website to sell items online for Black Friday, starting now gives you ample to plan out the design and build out the back end and processes that will make it all run smoothly. And if you’re just needing to move to a stronger, more secure website to ensure a successful holiday season.

So let’s talk about your website today!

What do you need this holiday season?

Websites have to be properly managed and maintained in order to be successful. And it’s doubly important if you’re also selling products for your business on the website. Components, such as the content management system, plugins and themes, have to be regularly updated for fixes and to avoid security issues. And then there’s having a plan in place in case anything goes wrong (which will happen at some point).

But this takes time away from you running your business. If you’re worried about whether your website is up and running and constantly updating it, that’s time you’re not spending taking care of your customers or trying to grow your business. And that hurts your business.

That’s where this WordPress management plan comes into play. Leave all the worry about the website to me. I’ll take care of the hosting, the updating of the different components and how to fix the website when it goes down. You just need to worry about growing your business.

What you need to be successful

Strong, stable web hosting

If you’re running an online store, you need a website and a web host that will always be up. You can’t make money if the online store is down. Cheap hosting and shared hosting might not cut it, especially during the holiday season. You need to make sure your website is running on something that can handle any load.

A plan to update the website

Your website is going to be need updates during the season. No matter what CMS you’re using, there are going to be components that have to be updated to the latest version, especially with regards to security concerns. Before the season begins, you need to have a plan in place to smoothly update the website and quickly fix anything that might break in the process.

Backups if something goes wrong

One way to make sure things can quickly be corrected if something goes wrong is to take consistent back ups. Does your website currently have a way of backing itself up? If not, it could be a big problem. Back ups allow you to restore the website quickly in case an update goes wrong or, God forbid, someone hacks and trashes your website. It’s a seemingly small, but oh so very important thing.

Ability to change small things quickly

Finally, you’re probably going to want to make changes throughout the season (and the rest of time). There will be updates to the content (you’re uping that sale again, aren’t you?) and desires to change some of the styling on the website. That’s perfectly fine. But how are you going to make those changes? Without a plan to smoothly make those edits, things can go south very quickly.

How I can help you be successful

You could do all of that yourself. And if you’re really knowledgeable about web development and WordPress (if your website runs on it) and you have a plan in place, it’s a great idea. It keeps things in house and that will save you money.

But if you, or none of your employees, have any idea what you’re doing, doing it by yourself is a terrible idea. If something goes south then, you can end up losing a lot money.

Fortunately, if you find yourself in this position, this maintenance plan can help you this holiday season. Whether you just need simple hosting, updates and peace of mind when something goes wrong, or if you want added help in making your website a real marketing tool, these plans will make sure your site is always updated and running in tip top shape.

Web hosting on WP Engine

With this maintenance plan, you’ll get your WordPress website run on WP Engine, one of the premier WordPress hosts. It’s built to run WordPress, and because of that it’s quick. It also has features such as content delivery networks and PHP 7, among other awesome things, that help your site load fast. WP Engine also takes nightly backups and backups on demand to help in case something goes terribly wrong. And it’s all very secure.

Weekly updates to plugins, themes and core

Never worry about WordPress core, plugin or theme updates again. I’ll go in each week and update anything that needs to be updated. Tests will be run to make sure the updates haven’t broken anything. And if something does go wrong, I’ll fix it and figure out what the issue is and resolve it. You can rest assured that your site will be running on the latest version of everything and still running smoothly.

Fixes for when something goes wrong

Things can and will go wrong. It’s just a fact of life. At some your site will go down for some reason. But with this plan, you can rest easy in knowing that if something goes wrong, I’ll be able to fix it right up for you. All at no extra cost to you.

Up 10 hours of tweaks and fixes

Websites need changing all the time. Maybe you need to change some colors, add a small feature or even change some content. Whatever it is, you’ll get up to 10 hours a month of these small fixes included in your price.

Potential Upgrades

Email Updates About WordPress
Testing with Early Versions of WordPress
Content Planning
Google Analytics Reporting

Let’s get you on the track to be successful this holiday season!

Are you ready to be at peace of mind with your website this holiday season? Great! Fill out the form below to learn more about who I am and what I do and resources that can help you make sure your site is well maintained. I’ll be in touch with you about getting you migrated over to WP Engine and into the maintenance plan. I look forward to helping you out!

Thank you for showing interest in signing up for web hosting and management that will help you business this holiday season. This is the first step in making sure your website will help your customers get what they need and help you grow your business. You should receive an email with an information packet shortly. Below are other resources and blog posts that can help you make more informed decisions about your website.

Having a website is essential for any small business, especially during the holiday season. More and more people are shopping online. And more people are doing their holiday shopping online these days as well.

So it’s easy to want a website with the holiday season around the corner. But it has to be done right. Sure, you could try to do it yourself with Wix, Squarespace or Shopify, but that both takes time away from you running and growing your business and are you sure you can do it right? A poorly built self-built eCommerce website can be much more of a headache and cost more than paying a web developer to do it.

I would love to take that anxiety and worry away from you as we head into the holiday season. I’ve been building websites of all types since 2012, and I know what it takes to create a successful ecommerce website that will help grow your business. So let’s start the process!

What You Need to be Successful

A website with an ecommerce backing

If you’re going to sell your products online, you’re going to need a website that supports that. And more importantly, you’re going to need a website that can scale up in case your traffic and/or business increases. This means making sure you select the right web host, the right framework and the right site structure to keep things running. Failure to do so can be catastrophic for your business. But get it right and it can make things run smoothly.

Underlying markup for SEO

Search engine optimization is a huge part of selling products online. The majority of prospective customers will find you through search engines. And in order, your site needs to be optimized for search engines. There’s a lot that goes into SEO, but it really starts with making sure the HTML structure is sound and readable to search engines. No matter what you do or what tools you use, you need to make sure your site has a great SEO foundation on the backend.

Pages that will convert

Getting people to your website is half the battle. The other half is converting those people into paying customers. To do that, your web pages and content must designed to get people to convert. This means effective layouts, calls to action, user experience, pertinent information and more. For products, this means photos, prices and a big button to buy now. For services, this means showing what you, listing important information, such as pricing, and maybe testimonials. If your pages aren’t set up to convert folks to customers, you’re not going to convert anyone.

Something everyone can see

Did you know that about 18.7 percent of internet users have some sort of disability? That means these people might be using other tools other than the mouse to navigate your website. And recently more and more complaints are being filed against businesses for not having an accessible website. But more importantly than that, building an accessible website means more people can use your site and buy your products. And it’s got great SEO benefits.

Responsive web design

Websites are no longer just viewed on a desktop screen. Instead, an increasing majority of website visitors come from mobile devices. That means your website has to adapt to the device it’s being displayed on. In other words, it needs to be responsive. If someone on their phone or tablet can’t efficiently use your website, you’re missing out on almost half of your customers.

Something that can easily be changed

Finally, you’re going to want to make changes to your website at some point. It always happens. But you need to make sure your website is built on something that makes it easy to make those changes, especially content changes (since those are the most frequent). Ideally, you should choose a content management system, like WordPress or Drupal, to help you manage these changes.

How I can help you be successful

A website running WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress is the largest content management system on the internet. And WooCommerce is one of the top eCommerce plugins for WordPress. Together, they give a powerful underside of your website that can take orders and payments, print the necessary reports you need, display your products and so much more. You’ll get a website built with both of these to provide you with the strong backend you need to be successful with your website this holiday season.

Structurally sound markup for SEO

I am not a complete SEO expert. Anyone who says they are a web developer and the SEO expert should be treated cautiously. That being said, I know what SEO requires from an HTML structure standpoint. I know the correct schemas that need to be used and the best development practices for SEO. The HTML that renders for your website will be built with SEO in mind. That gives you a solid base to launch other SEO related initiatives, like content marketing, social media campaigns and more.

Landing pages that can convert

I’ve been working with web development and web design since 2012. I know the best practices, especially when it comes to designing and developing landing pages that can convert prospective customers to paying customers. I can take your product or service and build a page that loads quickly with the necessary information and the proper elements that’s going to make customers want to learn more or purchase the product.

Option of using a pre-built or custom theme

Sometimes if you’re just starting out or if you don’t have the resources, the use of a prebuilt theme is a great option. Here, I’ll give you some options for themes then install and customize the one you want to match your business’ branding, saving you time and money. But if you have a little bit more to spend and want to really stand out from the crowd, then you might want to consider a custom website. Here, every bit of the design will be built from the ground up the way you want your website to look.

An accessible website

Accessibility is always at the forefront of any web project I work on. I believe than an accessible website creates a better experience for all users — whether they navigate a site regularly, with a screen reader, keyboard or something else. Any website I build for you will be built with accessibility in mind so that all of your customers come away with a positive experience.

Custom add ons like a blog or portfolio items

In addition to a store to sell your products, you might also want to run a blog to talk about issues in your industry or you might want to have a portfolio to show off customers that you’ve helped. That’s no problem. During the discovery process, we can talk about what other features you and come up with a plan to get them worked into your website.

Training on how to manage content

A new website comes with a lot of new worries, not least of which is how to use the website now. But there’s no need to worry. Once the site is launched and live, I’ll work with you on a training session to teach you the ins and outs of your new website. And you’ll have written documentation that you can refer to at anytime. By the end, you’ll feel confident that you can run your site with ease.

Website maintenance plan

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is website maintenance and management. Just because a website is built and live doesn’t mean the work is done. Now it’s time to keep it updated and running. After all, no one can purchase anything from a site that’s down. But you won’t need to worry about that. Sites I build get hosting and weekly updates for free for one year. That gives you the peace of mind knowing that your site will always be up and running.

Let’s get your website built for this holiday season!

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Let’s get your website built for this holiday season!

Are you ready to take that next step and get the ball rolling towards making your new website a reality for this holiday season? Great! Fill out the form below to learn more about who I am and what I do and more resources about building a website for your small business. You’ll then have an opportunity to sign up for a free one-hour consultation so we can start this process of bringing the new website to life!

Thank you for showing interest in creating a website with me that will help you business this holiday season. This is the first step in building an ecommerce website that help your customers get what they need and help you grow your business. You should receive an email with an information packet shortly. Below are other resources and blog posts that can help you make more informed decisions about your website.